EU issues consumer warnings on Chinese-made mini emergency lights

At the end of January 2011, the European Commission’s non-food rapid alert system issued a consumer warning to the Chinese “AIXIN” brand mini emergency light. The country notified in this case is Luxembourg. The style/model code of the notified emergency light is: AX509 (Ref: B070-1), and the EAN code is 8300805080705. The shape of the puppy is internally charged with a rechargeable battery.

Because the product has built-in wires and plugs with potential safety hazards, and live parts are easily exposed to the outside, coupled with the appearance of their puppies, may induce children to touch, there is a risk of electric shock to the user. The product does not comply with the European Union's Low Voltage Directive and the European Union's relevant standard EN60598.

At present, the competent authorities in Luxembourg have ordered the prohibition of the sale of this product. For this reason, it is recommended that domestic production and exporting enterprises attach great importance to this.

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