LED power industry matures in exploration

With the rapid development of the LED lighting industry, the LED power supply market is also rapidly expanding. On the one hand, traditional power supply companies have introduced LED power supply products. On the other hand, many entrepreneurial enterprises have also established. The power technology is not yet mature, relevant standards have not been introduced, and the market is chaotic. Experts believe that the market will eventually lead to a small number of giants, marketing strategy and product quality is the key to victory.

The market expansion price war started in 2010. The LED industry was mixed and the market was expanding at a high speed, but not all participants made money. Most of the street lights did not make money, and doing LED tunnel lights earned some living expenses. Companies that do commercial lighting make strong profits from foreign trade, and chip companies are making money. Many domestic chip companies have been losing money before. In 2010, there was a turning point. Packaging companies make money because the entire 2010 LED module is "not married."

It is worth noting that most LED power companies also make money, but there is no such situation as LED chips out of stock, because LED power is technically a traditional electronics industry, China's electronics industry already has strong manufacturing capabilities. However, the industry has not risen for as long as the price war has already begun, especially in the field of low-power power supplies. It is understood that the price of low-power LED power has been very transparent, such as LED fluorescent power supply prices are generally around 245.

However, high-power LED power is still in the high profits, one of which is that the technical threshold is relatively high and the capital investment is large. Another reason is that high-power LED power supplies are mainly used in street lamps and tunnel lights. Currently, these lamps are mainly used in government demonstration projects. In order to demonstrate good results, street lamp manufacturers used the best accessories (at least on sample lamps), which caused manufacturers to put forward higher requirements for power plants and also raised profits.

In order to demonstrate good results, street lamp manufacturers used the best accessories (at least on sample lamps), resulting in high profits for high-power power supplies.

The survey found that the business of LED power supply manufacturers such as Ming Wei, Infinity, and Mosuo has increased several times in 2010.

Power supply technology is not yet mature It is understood that the quality of LED power supplies for indoor lighting is now very unstable, and one or two of the ten will have flickering after a period of time.

Huafei Chao, chairman of Infinity, believes that when designing power supplies, some small plants only consider that they can work. They do not take into account the working environment, and sometimes LED lights need to work in harsh environments.

North Huihua Xu Changchun believes: "The threshold of LED power is not high, but it is not easy to do well. To achieve good development, good materials and good production, sometimes there is no problem with the sample, but after a large amount may appear Lots of questions.” “Some components in Guangdong are quoted in pounds, and we use quotes in quantities,” he added.

Although most of the failures of LED lamps occur on the power supply, they cannot blame the power companies. Xu Liancheng, an expert in LED street lamps, told reporters that power failure is the result of a combination of multiple factors, many of which are caused by the unreasonable design of lighting companies. To effectively reduce the power supply failure, it is also necessary for power companies and lighting companies to strengthen their interaction and work together.

According to incomplete statistics, 80% of failures in current LED luminaire products come from power sources. From the past few years, the LED light source product packaging technology has been continuously improved and the cooling technology has been continuously developed. The stability of the light source has reached a relatively good level, even if There is also light decay and color drift, which is mainly caused by the irrational design of heat dissipation. The situation of direct necrosis has been very small. Relatively speaking, the problem of power supply is much more serious. When a problem arises, it is usually a direct dead light or flashing, and the frequency of occurrence is relatively high.

Of course, there are still many shortcomings, such as the lack of standards, which led to increased maintenance costs of the manufacturers, is not conducive to the development of the LED industry.

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