How long does it take for Xiaomi to invent the "low-cost snap-up" model?

Extremely high cost performance, a certain amount of mobile phones at a time, pre-sales social marketing and popular appointments, Xiaomi's set of low-cost snapping models has been emulated by traditional mobile phone manufacturers, almost becoming the latter's Internet thinking problem. The main action, but in addition to consumers constantly complaining about not buying the machine, not every enterprise can profit from it, the core problem of not making money is determined, this model can not grow.

New snapping mode

"I heard that the new red rice Note is good, is there a spot?" "Yes, a price of 1300, 1.4G version. You are lucky. If it is not the rice noodle festival, you can't buy it." "The low price big screen "artifact" of the official website of the original price of 799 is actually not low price for most consumers.

From the initial launch of QQ space to the regular practice of Xiaomi's routine, the official data of the number of appointments for this “Thousand Yuan Zhen Eight Core” is 122 million people, but the first batch of volume is only 300,000 units, which is inevitable and inevitable. The unbalanced relationship between supply and demand has created a rent-seeking interest. A large number of scalpers have taken advantage of the opportunity to make money. It is said that Xiaomi did not make money, but users who did not buy the machine still complained.

Although there are all kinds of unsatisfactory, Xiaomi's success still led to the emulation of other mobile phone manufacturers, the most well-known of which is undoubtedly Jingdong's JDphone plan. In this plan, Nokia X, ZTE's Dallas Mavericks and Red Bull, Glory 3C, and even IUNI, OnePlus, Lenovo Gold Fighter S8 and other mobile phones are all learners of this model. The characteristics are very clear, that is, the extremely competitive hardware and cost performance, high predetermined amount, and the proportion of people finally grabbed.

Take Nokia X as an example. The first Android phone in Nokia history earned enough attention when it was released, and the booking volume in Jingdong exceeded 1 million in 4 days, but internal news said that the first wholesale sale was only tens of thousands. According to the words of Lenovo Group CEO Yang Yuanqing, the supply capacity of the industry is simply not in short supply. Whoever produces it will come to Lenovo to help.

But this low-cost snap-up model can't be long, at least not every manufacturer can use it. The reason is very simple. Not every manufacturer can make money with this trick.

It’s the ox that makes money.

“From the birth of Xiaomi to the present, the ox has been accompanied by all the rice noodles until now. Many rice noodles have had doubts about the official website. They think that the official website is a fake, and the official website privately delivers the ox. Many doubts have been in our hearts. "The Xiaomi official website forum a user with 5000 points sent such a post.

In fact, the most reliable channel that can buy Red Rice Note is Tmall. In the results of Tmall's search for "Red Rice Note", the first six companies sold a total of 14,000 red rice notes within one month. This machine was released at the end of March, and there is no one month until today. The price is even more unlikely to be the official website of 799 yuan and the enhanced version of 999 yuan, but the lowest from 1078 yuan, but also 1248 yuan and other prices. From the historical quotation point of view, due to the arrival of this batch of goods, Tmall's red rice Note price is also competing with each other to decline.

Don't look at Note this new machine, the red rice released in August 2013, the official price of 799 yuan (mobile version 699 yuan), and today, the lowest price on Tmall is also around 800 yuan, while in Gome, Jingdong, etc. Channel, red rice mobile phone spot is also 899 yuan, to be a promotion cheap 50 to 849 yuan. The mobile phone that has been shipped for 8 months can't buy the official website price. This case is indeed Chinese.

But there is no more evidence to say that Xiaomi is cheaper than the ox. A mobile phone channel insider introduced to Netease Technology, Xiaomi's model is very simple, the ox has two channels to get goods, one is to buy, this is not to say that Xiaomi is difficult to prevent, Apple's first batch of iPhone is also what the oxen grabbed. More, the other is to get goods from the operator channel, the customized version of the carrier version of the supply is Xiaomi to the end of the total generation of operators, the next mobile phone flow can only see the results.

In fact, it is not difficult to understand the price increase of selling mobile phones, because the price of Xiaomi's official website has not considered the channel and circulation costs at all, and even Xiaomi himself is still losing money. In this model, the only one who makes money is the ox, but don't think they have earned all the difference. There are multiple layers of interest distribution. Each position has an independent division of labor. A mobile phone can earn 50. It is a very good result.

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