NVC in the fight to stage a "slow plan" or a bigger conflict

The chairman of NVC Lighting, who had promised to respond to the demands of dealers and employees on August 1, still had no position on yesterday (August 1).

Company spokesman Shi Yongjun told reporters that the reply period has been postponed until August 10, and there is no other news at present. And my mobile phone is still "in the middle of a call."

Ming dynasty
In early July, in the face of NVC lighting dealers and many employees' "forced palaces", he promised to give a reply on the return of Wu Changjiang and other related issues before August 1. However, yesterday was the last day, and the original promise was not fulfilled.

On August 1st, people close to NVC lighting executives said that the recent internal and external meetings of NVC were still open every day, but the core issues such as Wu Changjiang's return and Schneider's withdrawal did not progress. The former tough dealers are also on the sidelines. A few days ago, Li Guanyu, president of the NVC Lighting Operations Center Alliance, who was in charge of setting up a new company, stressed that he must wait until August 1st to reply. Yesterday, he changed his mouth and waited until August 10.

Although Li Guanyu said that the new company has been advancing forward, and can launch new products in three days. But yesterday, Li Guanyu said that these tasks are still being carried out. On July 24th, NVC lighting dealers said in an interview that they are involved in the registration of new companies. Responding to the dealers, the employees who stopped working were resumed on Friday, and the production of NVC Lighting slowly returned to normal.

Or burst more conflict
However, the seemingly easing situation or undercurrents. Industry commentator Zeng Gaofei said in an interview that NVC lighting has entered the quiet period of the storm on the eve of the storm, because the core issues have not been resolved, and then there may be more intense conflicts.

Zeng Gaofei analyzed that he has been procrastinating on the return of Wu Changjiang and other issues. It may be through this "slow plan" to kill the passion of dealers and employees. However, the core issue still has not reached a consensus, and the fundamental contradiction has not been resolved.

Li Guanxi said that he firmly supported Wu Changjiang's return to the NVC lighting board. Apart from Wu Changjiang, he did not believe that others could do NVC lighting well. They are waiting for the last reply.

According to the previous plan, if the company did not come up with a plan to satisfy the dealers on August 10, the dealers will launch their own lighting products and compete directly with the brand of NVC. Zeng Gaofei said that the "very Wu faction" inside NVC Lighting must allow Wu Changjiang to return. After the previous battle, if Wu Changjiang could not return, the development of NVC will definitely be affected.

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