Based on the TMP2.0 standard, this encryption chip is to be the "U shield" in the car.

A German research institute has launched encryption chip software based on the latest TMP standard, which is the first line of defense for car network information security.

Most cars now offer mobile phone connectivity solutions that map mobile applications to car operation. And for driving convenience, car navigation will update traffic data in real time. The car system has become an external information portal, and hackers can find a breach from the network without physical connection. In the event of an attack, the small steals personal data, unlocks the door and goes away with the property, and then blacks into the underlying system to control the steering, braking and driving of the vehicle.

Demonstration demo of car entertainment system with TMP security chip

Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute in Germany have written a chip software system that corresponds to the popular encryption chip (TMP2.0, Trusted Platform Module 2.0) on the market. The whole set of software and hardware will provide security for the car module. To prevent illegal access.

Before we introduce the product, let's talk about TMP first. TMP is a block encryption chip. TMP technology is not new and has long existed. A more vivid example is that when a bank pays, it must be connected to a computer that looks like a USB flash drive. The USB flash drive is integrated into the USB flash drive.

When you use this small USB flash drive to pay for transactions on your computer, you can verify the payer's own password in addition to the password you wrote in your mind. Another heavy protection comes from the key verification of the small USB flash drive. The role is to determine that the payment computer is verified. Safety equipment. Simply put, the main role of the TMP encryption chip is to verify that the hardware devices for information communication are trusted.

Most critically, TMP has developed standards that are led by the non-business organization Trusted CompuTIng Group (TCG). At the beginning, the organization was mainly IT companies such as Hewlett-Packard and NVIDIA. With the development of the Internet of Vehicles, automotive-related companies including Toyota Information Technology Center and Fujitsu also joined this. And considering the automotive environment's stringent requirements for temperature, vibration, storage capacity, power management and hardware life, the hardware and software communication standards for automotive TPMs have been independently developed.

The Fraunhofer Institute's software system follows the 2.0 version of the TMP specification and standards, and the latest version has more upgrades in security details. In short, the entire TMP encryption chip hardware and software cooperate to perform the following security checks:

First, the TMP encryption chip detects the integrity of the underlying firmware when the car is started. If it is correct, the normal system initialization is completed, and then the underlying firmware verifies the integrity of the input and output system and the operating system. If the check is OK, the car system will start normally; if it is found, stop it.

Second, when the network is running, the TMP encryption chip uses its own key operator and memory for key verification. The external information enters the car through various interfaces, and the TMP encryption chip compares the key with the information source hardware and then decrypts it; when sending the information to the outside, the TMP encryption chip encrypts the transmitted information, and only the authenticated paired server can receive the read. information. Provide a two-way verification process for information transfer.

It can be seen that the software and TMP encryption chip complete the most superficial security work in the Internet of Vehicles. There is no detailed description of the algorithm of this software in the data, more combined with hardware, introduced some application advantages.

On the one hand, because the TMP encryption chip can be connected to different ECUs in the car, mainly adopting the method of implanting the platform, the module is flexible and convenient to install, and does not affect the overall wiring of the interior electronics. At the same time, the TMP encryption chip is mainly used for security calculation, and is independent of the ECU of the in-vehicle entertainment information system. The form of the individual module is more professional and does not occupy the computing memory of the car system.

On the other hand, TMP can be bound to almost all ECUs in the car. One major feature is that one TMP corresponds to one ECU, and the TPM between different ECUs is not interchangeable. That is to say, even if the Trojan breaks through the security of the car entertainment system and reaches the bottom of the system, the hacker will have to undergo a new round of defense if he wants to control the steering and braking, and the goalkeeper will be a new face.

At present, the German research institute has made a demonstration demo of the car entertainment system, but the researchers did not disclose the business plan. In the future, the products must be verified and tested, and then negotiated with the OEM to enter the final mass production. And you may have noticed that the premise of software operation is that the car must be equipped with TMP2.0 standard hardware, so the importance and promotion of car companies in this regard is also the key.

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