Design to make the mouse warmer

This is a foreign friend's idea. At first glance, it is a little funny, but for friends who are afraid of cold and frostbite, it may be really useful. The design method to make the mouse warmer is simple. Turn on the mouse, lay 20 82-ohm resistors inside the top cover, and use the USB interface to power it, as shown below:

The following is the USB interface definition diagram. Be careful not to connect the wrong wire.

In order to ensure power supply, the USB interface also needs to be modified so that it can supply 1 amp of current.

Generally speaking, you can just cross the protection chip on the motherboard or USB card, or disconnect the + 5v of the USB from the motherboard, add a fuse to directly connect the 5v output of the power supply, and the rest will not move.

If you dare not use the machine to "operate", it is a safer way to use two USB ports to supply power.

Close the mouse and let's try it. First measure the desktop, 22.9 degrees Celsius, it is still a bit cold to the touch. Measure the surface of the mouse again, 37.1 degrees Celsius, not bad!

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