Marvell and Wilocity launch tri-band Wi-Fi solution

Marvell, the global leader in integrated chip solutions, and Wilocity jointly announced the launch of a tri-band Wi-Fi solution based on 802.11ad technology. Wilocity is a leading developer of 60 GHz gigabit wireless chipsets. Marvell chose Wilocity to accelerate the deployment of its WiGig-compliant wireless platform for computing, network infrastructure and consumer electronics.

Marvell and Wilocity will work together to launch a mobile, thin and light platform without compromising performance and functionality. This platform has the first true wireless bus extension (WBE) function, no cable connection is required, and the device is no longer limited by physical size. At the same time, the WiGig solution combined with Marvell ’s market-leading Avastar equipment enables advanced applications such as wireless docking stations, high-speed synchronization and low-latency wireless connections.

Sameer Bidichandani, senior director of technology strategy at Marvell, said: "60 GHz wireless technology is an exciting indoor gigabit Wi-Fi technology that improves the end user's wireless experience and may help reduce the number of wires in consumers' homes. We We look forward to working with Wilocity to bring to the market cutting-edge Gigabit products compatible with existing hundreds of millions of Wi-Fi devices. "

Dror Meiri, vice president of business development at Wilocity, said: "We are honored to join forces with industry leaders such as Marvell to promote the momentum of 60GHz chips in the market. We will continue to lead the market for true wireless and ultra-high-speed wireless connection and display solutions Set new standards. "

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