Power protection heat reform

Power protection heat reform Residents living in the small town of Linxi are feeling that the heating this winter is much hotter than in previous years. While appreciating the heat company, the Linxi Rural Power Bureau also received a lot of praise because it provided power protection during the heat transformation process.

An employee of the Thermal Power Company stated that the heating quality of Xinlin Garden this year has improved more than twice as much as last year. This is mainly due to the transformation project of the heating company - the entire urban area has replaced the main pipeline, renovated some sub-pipes, and the residential area The units are also equipped with regulating valves... The Linxi Rural Electricity Authority has made great contributions as a brother unit. Whether it is to connect the pipeline or install a regulating valve, when a telephone needs to use electricity to send someone to think of ways to provide electricity, I really do not know how to thank them. “

The heat transformation lasted nearly two months, and there were more than one hundred times of electricity consumption. The electric power workers accumulated a total of at least 70 hours at the site of the renovation. It is precisely because of the timely provision of electricity guarantees that the city’s scheduled heating is guaranteed.

It is understood that in the meantime, the Bureau also verified the meter for nine hot spots in advance for the four heating companies, and comprehensively overhauled the transformers and lines, providing a strong guarantee for the delivery of warmth this winter.

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