Lantiq brings VoLTE service to various broadband wireless gateways

Munich / Nubiberg, Germany-August 2012-Leading broadband access and home network technology provider Lantiq (LanTIq) today announced that the company has reached two cooperation agreements with leading client software vendors , Will provide rich and natural communication services for 4G LTE customers. With the help of LanTIq XWAYTM GRX gateway platform, LanTIq will provide integration and test support for each company ’s LTE software-based network voice communications, and provide network equipment manufacturers and operators with a faster deployment of various home gateways with wireless broadband capabilities Way.

These collaborations with D2 Technologies and Ecrio Inc. extend LanTIq ’s commitment to helping its customers accelerate time to market and design flexibility in the emerging fixed wireless broadband market. Lantiq began building its ecosystem of broadband wireless services in 2011, when the company announced a partnership with Altair Semiconductor, an LTE chipset supplier.

LTE-based network voice communication (VoLTE) is a software stack built around the IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS), which can provide natural voice and other rich media services for digital LTE networks that are being launched around the world today. In a gateway design, these software platforms can run on the Lantiq network processor, allowing equipment vendors to quickly integrate support for next-generation wireless standards in customer premises equipment.

Participating products

· D2 Technologies is the developer of mCUE 4G, vPort, advanced IMS VoLTE and RCS software solutions. Its products can provide IMS IP communication services such as high-definition (HD) voice, real-time video calls, instant messaging, presence, SMS and VCC on 4G mobile networks.

· Ecrio, Inc. provides a commercially deployed mobile communication client suite (MCCS) with FlexIMSTM architecture, which supports 4G / LTE services such as voice, video, SMS and other rich communication suite services.

Lantiq's XWAYTM GRX gateway platform includes a powerful multi-core network processor and field-proven general gateway software stack that supports core network functions and supports Lantiq's diverse connectivity and voice product portfolio, including Fast / Gigabit Ethernet , WLAN and DECT / CAT-iq solutions.


Stéphane Téral, author of "Mobile VoIP and User Markets and Forecasts" (June 2012 edition), market research firm Infonetics Research, said: "In the long run, VoLTE will be in the world as LTE will become a universal mobile broadband platform. Dominant position. Operators will make it an integral part of the various services it provides, and most mobile phones that support this feature will be available. With the simultaneous growth of fixed broadband access using LTE, in the next generation Integrating the same rich media service in the home gateway will allow operators to fully reap the value of their LTE infrastructure investment. "

Doug Makishima, Chief Operating Officer of D2 Technologies, said: "Lantiq's gateway platform is the first choice for home devices that need to meet advanced communication capabilities. D2 has a long history of working with the best companies in the industry, and we are very pleased to have the opportunity to join hands with Lantiq. For equipment manufacturers and operators who need to provide advanced carrier-grade VoLTE solutions on LTE networks, our cooperation provides the best and most economical way to quickly develop user-end equipment. "

Michel Gannage, founder and CEO of Ecrio, said: "We are very pleased to cooperate with Lantiq, a leading supplier in the gateway market. This is a very important milestone in our development process, because we can rely on mobile 4G / LTE Operators and equipment manufacturers use the FlexIMS architecture to enter the global wireless broadband market. We are committed to helping Internet gateway providers accelerate the deployment of LTE services. "

Dirk Wieberneit, General Manager of Lantiq ’s User Equipment Division, said: “These collaborations mark a new stage in our LTE gateway strategy. Last year, we have seen significant growth in the deployment of LTE CPE by major operators. Now we look forward to VoLTE Enter the mass market. Since we built an ecosystem of solution providers specifically for this new market segment of home broadband, we have added valuable services to our product portfolio. "


Customers who wish to cooperate can cooperate with Lantiq in October to develop a LTE gateway reference system based on Lantiq and select the design of VoLTE software from D2 Technologies or Ecrio. The reference design will be available in early 2013.

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