Swimming pool lighting selection and projection direction setting

The standard swimming pool of the official swimming pool is 50m long. The standard short pool is 25m long and 25m wide. There are 9 lanes to form 8 lanes. The width of each lane is 2.5m. The special, Class A and Class B swimming pools are 2.0m deep, and the Class C swimming pools are 1.3m deep. The depth of the diving pool is 5.25m.

The biggest problem with swimming pool lighting is how to control the light curtain reflection on the water surface.

The design of the swimming pool lighting and the installation of the luminaires should ensure that there is no visual interference and that the best results of the game are guaranteed. On the water surface of the swimming pool, the ratio of light reflection and transmission depends on the angle of incidence of the light.

In the lighting design of the swimming pool, special attention should be paid to the live broadcast of the color TV. In order to ensure vivid and clear images and vivid colors, it is necessary to pay attention to the installation position and projection direction of the lighting fixtures in order to meet the lighting standards and lighting quality requirements.


Basic lighting requirements

The lighting in the swimming pool is designed to meet the following requirements:

1. The minimum level of illumination at any point in the swimming pool should not be lower than 250lx;

2. The light should be able to refract into the water;

3. Avoid direct or reflected light to produce glare.

1. Water reflection


(a) still water surface


(b) fluctuating water surface

Figure 1 Reflectance of light reflecting through walls, ceilings, and water surface

As shown in Fig. 1, when light passes through the ceiling, the wall surface, and the water surface, Fig. 1(a) shows the light reflection on the stationary water surface, and Fig. 1(b) shows the reflected light generated when the water surface fluctuates.

The audience has a relatively high viewing angle in the stands. The typical viewing position is athletes, referees, staff, waiters or lifeguards standing by the pool. As shown in Figure 2, they have a lower angle of view, so their angle of incidence is generally larger. , thus having a higher reflectivity.


Figure 2 Water surface refraction

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