Black and white with minimalist tonic headphones for fresh and enjoyable enjoyment

The tonic headphones are simple in shape and made of aluminum casing. The highly sensitive circuit design ensures the best sound quality. When you listen to symphonic music and 3D movies, you can have the strongest audio-visual enjoyment.


A high-quality silicone case fits comfortably into your ear, and long-term use won't cause you discomfort. The design of the earphone sleeve is convenient for your carrying, which effectively guarantees the quality of the earphone.


The price of this headset is 34.99 US dollars, equivalent to about 220 yuan.

2835 Led Strip is our main LED Strip for selling in the market now,now most of our Led Strip sell to Germany,Italy and USA,sourced by high output 2835 LED with good color conformity. 99.99% gold thread, pure copper bracket coated with silver,USA Intematix phosphor with CRI>90,SDCM≤3 each BIN,Double layer rolled copper FPC. 3M 300LSE tape attached,CE, RoHS and UL certified.

2835 Led Strip

Full CCT ranges from 2300K to 12000K

Led strip 2700K   Led strip 3000K

Led strip 4000K   Led strip 6500K

Various CRI option from 75 to 95

Led strip CRI


  • City lighting, landscape lighting, commercial lighting and house contour lighting, etc.

2835 LED Strip

2835 Led Strip,Flexible Led Strip Lighting,2835 Flexible Led Strip,2835 Smd Led Strip


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