LED display communication

First, wired communication

The communication medium that can be used when wired communication is divided into network cable transmission and fiber transmission.

1. Network cable transmission, using the network cable to transmit the general communication distance within 100 meters, using the standard network cable, if you add an amplifier can be extended to 200 meters.

The production of the network cable: the line of the Lingxing rain control system and the Depuda control system is orange-white, orange, green-white, blue, blue-white, green, brown-white, brown, also known as T568B.

2. Optical fiber transmission, the optical fiber is divided into two types, one is multimode fiber, and the transmission distance is within 500 meters. One is a single mode fiber with a transmission distance of 10KM.

If fiber optic transmission is used, the fiber needs to be fused to the SC head. Figure 1.

SC fiber

Figure 1 SC head fiber
Control system connection using fiber optics

Figure 2 Control system connection using fiber optics

Generally, for outdoor use, an optical cable is used, and the number of cores of the optical cable according to the number of points of the display is different.

Second, wireless communication

Wireless communication uses China Mobile's GPRS network to access the INTERNET network, and the sending computer must be online. Send information using the network. This type of communication is generally suitable for text graphic display screens, but the screen should not be too large.

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