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It is about to go to May 1st Golden Week, and has entered a new round of home decoration, home appliance purchase peak period, whether it is the marriage or decoration family are gearing up, starting home appliances procurement. However, in the face of various sales of large and small stores, as well as dazzling product models, how should consumers buy? Today's Xiaobian

Heavy duty backup cameras are specially designed for truck, trailer, cargo, bus, van, pickup. Generally come with infrared.High quality image with wild viewing angle. IP68 waterproof rating. Low power consumption design.

  • [Car Backup Camera with  IR LED]Really help you checking blind spots in darkness make you parking and reversing more convenient
  • [Waterproof IP68 Rating]Work great in all weathers, you don't need to worry about parking a car in rainy day
  • [Low power consumption design]Consume less than 50 mA, Don't worry about heat will affect the backup camera's service life,It can be used for a long time.Operating temperature in -4℉ to 176℉
  • [ Length wires optional]We offer 10M,15M,20M LONGER WIRES to ensure rear view camera can perfect fit for most types of vehicles
  • [Customer Service]30-Day Money Back Guarantee; 12 Month Replacement Warranty And Lifetime Support .SVT-928T-1

Heavy Duty Backup Camera

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