Philips spends 40 million euros to expand OLED

[High-tech LED News] Royal Dutch Philips plans to invest 40 million euros to expand its OLED lighting equipment capacity in Aachen, Germany. The plant was originally used as a Philips OLED trial production line and is expected to officially operate in 2012.

Philips pointed out that OLED lighting applications are highly used in the high-end retail market, the hospitality market, and the residential facilities market, and are attractive to design-sensitive users. Recently, a special laboratory Lumiblade Creative Lab was established in Aachen, Germany, and a large number of lighting designers, manufacturers and innovators were recruited to develop OLED products.

It is reported that Philips has developed the Lumiblade OLED module, which includes all the electronic components and mechanical interfaces needed to facilitate the integration with lamps, furniture and interior design. Customized OLED lighting design products include Philips Modular's "O'Leaf" and Established & Sons' "Edge".

The investment will help Philips' OLED business grow rapidly, and will accelerate Philips' OLED module for high-end lighting design applications in decorative lighting and environmental design, further strengthening Philips' leading position in lighting innovation.

Following the expansion of Philips Aachen OLEDs in Germany, Philips also launched the EU, BMBF (German Federal Ministry of Education and Research) and research projects funded by North Rhine-Westphalia.

In addition, Philips has established an OLED product R&D partnership with the CERTI Institute in Florianopolis, Brazil, and a product development center in Shanghai, China to develop and customize OLED applications with global lighting designers.

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