Nanning: Price competition evolved into brand competition

[ Photo/Reporter Zhou Jianhua ] "Nanning or Guangxi have no LED terminal brands to stand out. It can be said that LED is still in the midst of chaos, but the willingness to select good products and good brands is getting stronger and stronger." Guangxi Loyalty Lighting Chen Cheng, general manager of Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. said that the commercial photo brand that has been cooperating for many years will continue, but the circulating LED products hope to find a more cost-effective manufacturer to achieve strategic cooperation.

On the afternoon of May 20th, Gaogong LED was hosted by Gaogong LED under the “Lighting Channel”, and the “2013 China LED Good Products Tour Exhibition and Merchants Conference” co-organized by the Guangxi Nanning Lighting and Lighting Chamber of Commerce was successfully concluded at the Phoenix Hotel in Nanning, the capital of Guangxi. Attracted nearly 70 dealers and some design engineering institutions attended.

During the meeting, Mao Zilai, the sales director of the well-known LED lighting brand in China, Zhang Hu, the deputy general manager of the sales of the lighting and lighting, Zhang Hu, the deputy general manager of the lighting sales department, and Yi Yizhi, the marketing director of the Lianchuang Optoelectronics Lighting Division; Chen Cheng, general manager of loyal and majestic lighting equipment, together with Nanning local and surrounding distributors, designers and engineering decoration companies to analyze and predict the development trend of LED lighting market, share LED distribution channel strategy and LED lighting design trend.

The atmosphere of the meeting was very lively at the meeting. The participating merchants expressed great interest in the high-cost-effective light source products of Laiwei Optoelectronics, the champion advantage of the broadcasting products, the liquid-cooled LED technology of Optima Lighting, and the strong capital and R&D strength of Lianchuang Optoelectronics. A new understanding of the definition of good brands and good products. Luo Angen, secretary general of Guangxi Nanning Lighting and Lighting Association, also attended the meeting.

Gao Wen LED Marketing Director He Wenbin analyzes the situation of the LED industry with accurate data, and focuses on the new O2O cooperation model of the manufacturer's win-win situation. It solves the online and offline conflicts of interest and can complement each other strategically.

At present, the cooperation of manufacturers is generally the cooperation of physical storefront agents. However, with the surge of network, the labor costs of rents are increasing, and the traditional business cooperation mode has gradually become ineffective.

Nanning is a key market in Guangxi. From the development of Nanning lighting in recent years, the number of merchants has increased rapidly. Due to the rapid increase in the number of merchants, the competition between merchants has become increasingly fierce, from the initial price competition to the brand competition that has been particularly prominent in the past two years.

In the future, the market share is not unilaterally controlled by manufacturers or merchants. It depends on the organic combination of manufacturers and merchants. Manufacturers should work harder on product quality and brand. Dealers need to integrate effective resources in the local sales market. A clear division of labor, so that manufacturers can occupy and stabilize more market share.

It is understood that there are six lighting cities in Nanning, namely Nanning Lighting City, Hundred Years Lighting Trade Center, Sunshine 100 Lighting Square, Jindu • Impression Lighting City, Jufulong International Lighting City, Nanning Jidong International Lighting City. Among them, Nanning Lighting City, Hundred Years Lighting Trade Center, Sunshine 100 Lighting Square and Jindu? Impression Lighting City are located in Renmin Road, Nanning, which is the most prosperous commercial area in Nanning, and is the most concentrated lighting and building materials. area. There are now 291 lighting shops in 6 lighting cities.

On the day of the meeting, the Hundred Years Lighting Trading Center, which was officially in operation for more than a year, had a lease conflict with lighting lighting merchants. The former plans to adjust the lighting store sales to other products with more rental profitability, but the upfront investment and strategic planning of nearly 100 lighting and lighting merchants will be disrupted.

“Many storefronts are the strategic carrier for merchants to develop LED brands and products. Now the operators are rushing to rectify and we have lost a lot of money.” A merchant with three chain stores in different stores in Nanning said helplessly. "There is no better way now. Only continue to negotiate with the operators and hope to reduce losses as much as possible."

Lai Wei Optoelectronics Sales Director Mao Zilai

Six ways to upgrade your brand

We always believe that products are the top priority of the company, and the brand enterprises are striving for product technology innovation and upgrading. And I think that upgrading the brand should focus on the "six upgrades":

First, the outlets upgraded, through the strict screening of the strength of dealers, to create a strong distribution system; Second, product upgrades, market-oriented, always standing in the forefront of the trend, research and development of quality products to meet market demand; third, service upgrades, Strengthen the comprehensive training including the enterprise sales department, terminal shopping guides and marketing personnel, put the customer's interests first, and do the customer's pre-sale, sale and after-sales service work; fourth, the image upgrade, our domestic monopoly image has been released In line with the market, it is more impactful and cultural; the fifth is brand upgrading, comprehensively rationalizing the market foundation, preparing for full-scale efforts this year and next; sixth is market upgrading, researching target market consumption dynamics and competitors, refinement Divide the target market, divide the potential areas, key areas and demonstration areas, comprehensively sort out and strive for stability.

Zhang Hu, Deputy General Manager of Broadcasting Sales

Product is the best fulcrum to shake the market

The philosophy we have always adhered to is: first make products with sincerity, do a good job with the market with sincerity, and do a good job with confidence. We believe that only in this way can enterprises remain invincible forever. No matter how the market changes, one thing that can't be changed for the company is good product quality and high reliability.

For example, our broadcast lighting now extends from export to domestic sales with the LED panel light series. In terms of products, brand companies must regard quality and price as an important point of focus and balance. Through years of technology precipitation, accumulation and breakthrough, the organic combination of the domestic market, the mature products into the mature market model.

Of course, from a quality perspective, the realization of maximum energy efficiency of products is based on safety and reliability; from the perspective of cost, the minimization of costs is based on accurate material selection and efficient operation systems. Reduce inventory and consumption by increasing information systems, and use integrated R&D models and system management to shorten development cycles and speed up response.

Yogyle Lighting Marketing Director Han Yizhen

Innovation - Opportunities for the development of the LED lighting industry

The era of low-cost competition in the LED lighting market is about to pass, and the mid-to-high-end market is accelerating, and there is huge room for penetration. I think innovation is the biggest development opportunity for LED.

In fact, all areas of the LED industry currently have innovative conditions. For example, manufacturing: technological innovation, quality products, and cost-effectiveness; channel: marketing innovation, introducing scientific concepts to customers, selling products with excellent cost performance, reducing the total cost of ownership of customers; propaganda: concept innovation, guiding ordinary consumers to buy lumens Not buying wattage; buying a long-lived, rather than buying cheaper aging.

Just like our liquid-cooled-LED lights, it's a bold attempt at cooling technology. We boldly try to abandon the traditional thinking of heat dissipation and air dissipation of aluminum fins. We use the patented liquid cooling technology of insulation, flame retardant, non-toxic, non-corrosive, safe and environmentally friendly. The LED light-emitting chip and the drive circuit are all immersed in the liquid, which solves the problem of affecting the LED. The most important heat dissipation problem of life.

Lianchuang Optoelectronics Lighting Division Marketing Director Yi Naizhi

Quality standards and system solutions are the future of LED

As consumer demand becomes more rational, channel terminals have undergone significant changes. The demand for terminal hardware and software resources that LED enterprises can give is increased, not only reflected in the support of business and logistics, but also in the technical support, systematic solutions of products, fast and professional after-sales LED products. Response and other aspects. The focus of the client is more on the reliability and durability of the product.

Therefore, this requires enterprises to provide high quality and affordable products, more comprehensive after-sales service, professional response and systematic solutions.

In addition, I think that to establish a famous brand depends on quality, quality is the basis of famous brand, the standard is the quality target of the product, the level of standardization reflects the quality level of the product, and it is also the goal and result of product quality management. With the standard, there are good LED products. With the products, there will be famous brand products; with the standard, the quality assurance foundation, the product quality must be guaranteed to become a famous brand. It can be seen that the standard is the basis for the creation of famous brands, and standardization plays an important role in the creation of famous brands.

Chen Cheng, General Manager of Guangxi Loyal Xiongwei Lighting Appliance Co., Ltd.

The LED era is a win-win situation in the adjustment of vendor relations

I started to make lights in 1997, and the chaos that I have experienced so far can be said to be the most powerful in more than a decade.

I conclude that there are five problems in the industry at present, including product chaos, price chaos, chaotic manufacturers, chaotic quality, and market chaos. Of course, we must not only see the troubled times, but also see the essence through the phenomenon and understand the reasons for chaos.

The current industry norms have not been established and industry standards have not appeared. But this did not prevent manufacturers from paying attention to LEDs. After several years of preparation, there are powerful LED manufacturers to force the layout of the market, and the strength of dealers will rely on the strength of manufacturers to compete in the market, this year will be the LED promotion year. So how do you get a hero in trouble? The key is whether the manufacturers can establish a strategic partnership of cooperation. The two have formed close advantages and complement each other in the market channel to overcome the simple trading relationship.

Gao Wen LED Marketing Director He Wenbin

O2O mode or LED future main road

Since the rise of e-commerce, it has been predicted that it will pose a threat to traditional lighting channels. However, the fact is that the channel marketing system of the LED lighting industry is still dominated by hidden channels such as engineering channels, but these channels are generally mastered by medium and large traditional lighting companies.

In the face of e-commerce, a new type of sales channel, emerging LED companies regard e-commerce as a new opportunity, and medium and large-scale LED lighting companies with traditional channels are not willing to give up, especially when the traditional channel growth is weak. The marriage of e-commerce, online and offline interaction, has become the "three-dimensional marketing" that LED lighting companies love, which is also the trend of the future development of LED lighting companies.

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