Zhongshan seized two lamps and infringement cases involving a total amount of 230,000 US dollars

Recently, Zhongshan Customs Office in Zhongshan Port detained 5028 vehicles suspected of infringing the US “UL” safety guarantee mark, with a total price of 96,000 US dollars. It is understood that this is the second case that the Customs has seized since May, allegedly infringing on the exclusive right to the US "UL" security guarantee mark. The total amount involved in the two infringement cases was $230,000.

On May 16, Zhongshan Customs has seized the first 4,122 lamps suspected of infringing the US "UL" safety guarantee mark, with a total price of 134,000 US dollars.

Customs personnel said that the "UL" mark is a safety guarantee mark issued by the Underwriters Laboratories for mechanical and electrical products, including civil electrical products. This mark must be available for products exported from the United States or entering the US market.

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