Three mainstream mobile payment technologies: RF-SIM, NFC, SIM Pass

At present, there are three main types of mainstream contactless mobile payment technology solutions: RF-SIM, NFC and SIM Pass. China Telecom mainly uses SIM Pass technology, while Mobile and China Unicom tend to support RF-SIM and NFC technologies respectively.


The RFSIM card is a mobile smart card that enables medium to short range wireless communication. By integrating the latest RF technology into the SIM card of the mobile phone, the mobile phone user can change the existing mobile phone into an NFC-like mobile phone by simply replacing one smart card. Not only does it have all the features of a regular SIM card, but it also has a full-service platform that can replace wallets, keys and ID cards.

The RF-SIM card is a product of dual-interface smart card (RFID card and SIM card) technology penetrating into the mobile phone field. It is a new mobile phone SIM card. The RF frequency of 2.4 GHz is selected to integrate the antenna into the SIM card. The RF-SIM card has the same mobile communication function as a normal SIM card, and can be extended to atypical fields by attaching an antenna and a card reader to it, thereby enabling mobile payment and identity authentication functions. .

The RF-SIM supports two working interfaces, contact and non-contact. The contact interface is responsible for implementing the SIM card application and completing the normal functions of the mobile phone card, such as a telephone or a short message function. At the same time, the non-contact interface can achieve applications such as contactless consumption, access control, and attendance. And because of the support for over-the-air downloading specifications (OTA and WIB specifications), users of RF-SIM cards can update applications in mobile phones or recharge accounts by means of over-the-air downloads, making mobile phones truly intelligent. electronic wallet.

RF-SIM card technology solution
RF-SIM card technology solution

(1) Technical principle

RF-SIM supports all mobile phones in the market. It can read the data through the screen of the mobile phone, and can also control it through the keyboard of the mobile phone, which is far from comparable to the ordinary smart card.

The SIM card part is used for normal mobile phone mobile communication and authentication, and is only used as a physical connection with the mobile phone;

Built-in software for managing high-security RF-IDs, built-in e-credit electronic credit cards, EMV e-wallets and other VIP memberships based on mifare logic;

Use a miniature RF module and communicate with external devices via the built-in antenna.

(2) Communication characteristics

Using 2.4G frequency band, automatic frequency selection, communication rate 1M, high reliability connection and communication, support automatic sensing and active start connection two communication methods, two-way communication distance 10CM-500CM, can adjust one-way data broadcast according to application (radius 100M ), the card sensing function can be turned on and off by itself (power saving), automatic TDES encryption for data over-the-air transmission, anti-eavesdrop data, and two-way authentication when swiping.

(3) Main functions

Standard SIM function (GSM 11.11, 11.14)

• Wallet function (simulates Mifare data logic structure and complies with PBOC2.0 and EMV electronic credit card specifications, supports air card opening and top-up)

• Remote payment function (Rsa)

• Super VIP card function (CRM, points, discounts, transactions)

• Electronic ticket function, RF-SIM card can be applied

• Electronic ID function

• Business card exchange function

• On-site networking stealth chat function (QQ)

• Lottery function

• Access control function

• Situation OTA

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