Public lighting policy is good for Jinjiang LED companies to recommend the market cake

Recently, a paper document published by the General Office of the People's Government of Fujian Province has stirred up thousands of waves in the LED industry in Jinjiang.

The document forwarded the “Notice on Several Measures for Promoting the Application of LED Lighting Products in Fujian Province” by the Fujian Provincial Information Technology Bureau, and clearly stated that it strives to achieve the universal use of LED lighting products in the public lighting sector by the end of 2015. Under the caliber, lighting energy (electricity) is more than 50%, driving the province's LED industry to add more than 50 billion yuan in output value.

"This is the best news I have heard since I entered the LED industry." Jinjiang Ai Dan Optoelectronics, Hong Yang Optoelectronics, Xing'an Optoelectronics and many other LED manufacturers have been happy to hear that the market has not been easy to open, the peers insist It’s quite hard. This document clearly requires or guides the use of LED products in the public lighting sector, providing a best opportunity for everyone to open the public lighting market.

"Fighting" to recommend

The first LED companies in Jinjiang are targeting municipal lighting projects.

The public documents clearly require: the first to promote the application of LED lighting products in the lighting engineering field of roads and administrative agencies, state-owned enterprises and other financial or state-owned capital investment; before the end of 2013, Yunzhou County, Longyan Liancheng County, Putian Three counties (districts), such as Chengxiang District, have completed the renovation of LED lighting in public places invested by the county (district) by fiscal or state-owned capital; before the end of 2014, there must be at least one county (city, District) Complete the renovation of LED lighting in public places invested by the county or city (district) by financial or state-owned capital.

Fujian Ai Dan Dan Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. took the lead in taste of the sweetness. Xu Wencong, chairman of the company, said that the streetlight project of Nanbei Avenue in Yunxiao County Optoelectronic Park last year has already started bidding for LED companies. Since Ai Dan has built a factory in Yunxiao Optoelectronic Park, the company has enough strength to take it logically. The project was completed.

"In fact, we have always been eager to participate in the construction of public lighting projects such as Jinjiang Municipal Government. I hope that after the introduction of this document, Jinjiang's related projects will give priority to local LED companies." Xu Wencong expressed his heartfelt wishes.

“Quanzhou has hundreds of LED companies, each of which has its own advantages or characteristics. It is recommended to hold seminars in the short term to interpret the policies and also select some high-quality enterprises with core technologies to concentrate on the government. Make recommendations.” Chen Changliu, general manager of Fujian Hongyang Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. put forward another idea.

The reporter was informed that several companies, including Ai Dan and Xing'an Optoelectronics, have also begun to “make their hands” and intend to take the initiative to “attack” to recommend themselves to the relevant management department, in order to be able to take the lead in preempting the “cake” of public lighting projects.

LED industry shuffling acceleration

Blacksmith need its own hardware. The introduction of documents is really good for the technically strong and powerful LED enterprises, and some LED companies that do not have the core technology will not lose more opportunities in the future. Because the document clearly requires: to establish a LED lighting product quality control system, the LED lighting products promoted and applied in Fujian Province must meet the standards, technical specifications and quality control requirements of LED lighting in our province, with good reputation and excellent quality. The list of LED preferred product suppliers that meet the quality control system is released.

Several companies, such as Ai Dan and Xing'an Optoelectronics, dared to recommend themselves because of their early preparations.

Xu Wencong said that Aildan has signed a contract with the cross-strait lighting company to become its strategic partner last year. He revealed that the cross-strait lighting company is a contract energy company led by the Fujian Provincial Information Technology Department and funded by the Provincial Electronics Group. Due to the capital injection and bank credit of the provincial electronics group, the cross-strait lighting company has strong funds to implement the contract energy management model, so many municipal lighting projects in the province are transferred to this company for transformation.

“This company has only selected 8 partners in the province. After an inspection of the strength and level of the company, we are fortunate to be one of them. This is very beneficial for us to open the municipal lighting market in the next step. We are currently doing Yunxiao County and The project of Wuyishan is the project introduced by the cross-strait lighting company." Xu Wencong said.

Xu Zixing, chairman of Xing'an Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. also introduced that after the continuous improvement of technology and product quality control, the company was selected into the "Quanzhou Government Procurement Directory" and the "Provincial Engineering Construction Project A Control Equipment Material Supplier Directory". "With these two qualifications, I believe we must strive for more relevant municipal lighting projects."

"So, the introduction of this document may accelerate the reshuffle of Quanzhou's LED industry. Really powerful companies will get more opportunities. Enterprises without strength may lose market completely." Several LED companies said.

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