The future development of LED street lights

With the continuous development and progress of today's society, many daily necessities and electrical appliances are beginning to think more and more about the humanized operation of artificial intelligence products. Among them, the best in the electrical products market is touch mobile phones, notebook computers and so on. As the current emerging industry LED products, of course, not to be left behind, the use of a variety of humanized intelligent design used in LED street light power, electronic ballasts, tunnel lights and other related products.
The LED intelligent lighting control system is used for centralized monitoring and control. According to the use requirements, time-division LED street lights, garden lights dimming, can save 20% to 30%, and extend the life of the lamps. The advantage is that the control of each phase is stored independently using preset information. When a fault occurs in a certain line in the system, the fault point and the faulty animal can be detected and saved immediately, which is beneficial to troubleshooting, saving manpower, material resources and time.
In order to make the bridge on the river, with more stunning light and shadow performances and landmark effects, design a complete high-tech intelligent control system and light and shadow change scheme for the bridge, the bridge can produce rich or brilliant or exhilarating or quiet rich The effect of the scene change makes the bridge and the world's waterscape people better interact and blend, thus writing a colorful and colorful movement.
The bridge LED lighting control system should adopt the TCP/IP protocol and be optimized by signal transmission, so that the connected LED lighting system has more connected devices and longer connection distance. The transmission control protocol makes the control quality and reliability of the LED lighting system. Higher performance, two-way communication makes the remote monitoring and control of the equipment more effective, making the LED landscape lighting control system more stable. The main functions that LED lighting systems can achieve are:
1) 100-level brightness adjustment, 16-level brightness adjustment function without gradation loss;
2) The display frequency can reach 85Hz;
3) Color adjustment ability RGB 256 levels are independently adjusted;
4) The brightness depth can reach 1024 levels;
5) White detection function Each controller in the system can detect the input interface signal (indicator report);
6) Support users to configure the screen information by themselves;
7) Power supply mode DC 24V AC110 ~ 220V; 8) Support remote control, serial communication. The LED lighting intelligent control system can complete the consistency of time control, eliminate the time error of the power supply system, and ensure the conversion quality of various animation fields recorded by LED. The application of the intelligent control system reliably controls the stoppage of LED street lights and garden lights in different scenes.
The bridge lighting is macroscopically divided into major holiday scenes and general holiday scenes.
1) In normal times, only the outer top wall light of the bridge railing and the outer side of the handrail light rail are 15cd/mz, and the illumination of the stairway wire guard rail is lOOlx.
2) During general holidays, the bridge belly illumination will be turned off. The brightness of the tower tip outside the railing is l5cd/m2, and the brightness of other places where LED lamps are installed is lOcd/m2.
3) All the lamps are fully opened during the major holidays, and the brightness of the tower top outside the railing is l5cd/m2. Other places with LED lamps have a brightness of lOcd/m2 and a bridge belly illumination of 2501x.
With the development of technology and the maturity of the market, artificial intelligence LED products are imperative, mature and perfect science and technology is the basic guarantee for the healthy development of the LED industry, and the constant pressure and constant current integrated modular products will become the mainstream, products It will also gradually increase the effectiveness of intelligent control.

China Indoor Rental Led Display is Ultra thin body, die-casting aluminium structure, high-accuracy CNC cutting panel. Natural aluminium heat conduction design, no fans ,no noise. Good consistency, no particle and mosaic phenomenon.

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RCFG file can be saved to factory. If you loose the RCFG file, just click" restore factory".

At the bottom of cabinet, there is special design which can help to protect lamp during installation. 110-220V power input and DVI,HDMI,SDI,DP signal input.

Available pixel pitch from P2.5mm, P3mm, P3.2mm P3.9 and P4.8mm, with SMD 2121 black LED lamps, MBI high refresh control IC, Novastar and Linsn control system. Packed in road/flight case for easy transportation. Can both hang from truss and stack on the ground. Curved locks allow concave and convex surface. Easy to install and dismantle. Ideal design and products for rental/stage business.

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