2015 high-tech LED good products tour on May 12 meet Xiamen

[Text|High-tech LED reporter Xu Chaopeng] sponsored by Gaogong LED, High-tech Research Institute LED Research Institute (GGII), Xiamen Xinda (000701), Xiamen LED Promotion Center co-organized "2015 high-tech LED supply chain good products The “Taiwan Station Seminar” will be held on May 12th from 13:00-17:00 at Xiamen Xiangxiang Software Park Hotel [Ximen Road, No.1, Guanyue Road, Software Park, Siming District, Xiamen].

As one of the first four special economic zones in China to implement the policy of opening up to the outside world, Xiamen is located in the southeastern part of China and faces Taiwan Island across the sea. It has always been an important position for the development of China's LED industry. Affected by foreign emerging technologies, from the upstream epitaxial chip to the midstream package to the downstream application side, Xiamen has a large number of outstanding enterprises, which have great advantages in LED export, and play an important role in the progress and innovation of China's LED industry. effect.

"LED lamps are composed of light source, power supply, aluminum substrate, heat dissipation structure, secondary optical design, etc., and the requirements for devices and supporting materials are extremely high. With the improvement of LED lighting technology, many countries and regions have increased their import standards. The quality problems faced by regional exports are even more prominent,” Zhang Luhua, director of the project, told reporters.

LED devices are the core of LED lighting, which has a great impact on the quality of LED lighting products. A good device must be a product suitable for the application solution and matching the brand positioning. Only when the combination of various links in the lighting supply chain is optimized, can the optimal lighting product be produced.

“In the process of lighting civilization, cost reduction is always crucial, lighting companies are in urgent need of optimizing product cost, and all links in the supply chain are doing everything they can to bring low-cost possibilities from the supply chain.” Dr. Zhang Xiaofei, Chairman of Industrial LED, said.

Therefore, “finding suppliers and mutual strategic partnerships” has become an important response strategy for LED lighting companies in the face of fierce market competition.

Recently, the reporter learned from the organizing committee of this tour that the issue of the Xiamen station tour has been confirmed. Among the packaging fields, Xuyu Optoelectronics will bring the theme of “High-power COB high-end quality can also play the price/performance ratio”. Explain the current LED industry environment, how to use the best price, the highest quality COB device, and thus A win-win situation in quality and price.

Hongli Optoelectronics will also bring a speech on "LED Lighting Mainstream Devices and Development Trends". The person in charge of Hongli Optoelectronics introduced that this year, in the small and medium power devices, Hongli Optoelectronics has a high cost performance of 2,835 heavy hits. It is expected to reach a monthly production capacity of 1200 KK. The products include PPA, PCT and EMC series, and the power coverage is 0.2-2W.

In the high-power product series planning, in 2015, Hongli Optoelectronics COB packaging products increased overall brightness by 20%, and upgraded versions of LM and LT series were introduced to improve the cost performance of products. The above products are also the key products of this Hongli Optoelectronics tour.

Smect brings a speech on "EMC Packaging Trends and Solutions", which will analyze the trend of future mainstream devices with many participants in the current LED industry environment.

As one of the few companies in the country to be involved in EMC packaging, the current Smect EMC products are mainly 3030, power between 1 and 2W, can be combined with a variety of chip sets, providing 6V, 9V, 18V, 24V, 48V products. In addition to 3030, Smect also launched 3014, 2016 products, all in line with ERP standards and ENERGY STAR standards.

“Linear constant current ICs are not only low-cost devices, easy to produce, but also more compact, and their reliability is improved. At the same time, they can be protected from high temperature and low temperature, and can support the application of intelligent lighting.” When developing trends, Ming Micro Electronics Marketing Director said. And this time, Xiamen Station Mingwei Electronics will bring a speech entitled "The Future of Driver IC: Linear Constant Current Integration", and discuss the feasibility of linear constant current integration.

The person in charge of the accumulation technology said that the consumer's appeal for the lamps is not only reflected in the "price", but more in the "value". This also means that lamps that only provide lighting functions can no longer meet the market demand, and some lamps with intelligent functions such as dimming and color grading will be more favored by consumers. Accumulation Technology brings "a cost-effective intelligent dimming drive solution" for you.

Previously, the lack of standard specifications in the industry was repeatedly mentioned, and the introduction of power 3C compulsory certification also caused an uproar in the industry. For the introduction of 3C certification, how should power companies plan? Therefore, Kegu Power will make a keynote speech titled "What does LED Power 3C Mandatory Certification mean?" to answer your new development direction after 3C compulsory certification.

At present, the outdoor high-power power supply market has a large capacity and the penetration rate is increasing year by year. However, the variety of product specifications affects the scale of the power supply and the replacement is also poor. Zhongheng Paiheng constant power and current adjustable products have a good meaning for product standardization, flexibility and reducing power costs. For details, please see the speech "The New Favorite of LED Lighting Driver Development" brought by Zhongheng Paiwei.

“Although automation equipment still has relatively high cost and high failure rate, it has brought automation and intelligence into LED production compared with semiconductor technology, which has greatly increased production speed and efficiency, and more companies have begun to try automated production. “Hyun Shuo Optoelectronics Yang Dong said that Hyun Shuo’s title is “The Innovation of Lighting Production Line Automation Is Not Just Labor Cost”, which brings suggestions for enterprise automation and brings high-performance equipment.

The final round-table dialogue session gives participants the opportunity to meet face-to-face with the above-mentioned companies, answer questions, optimize the supply chain, and even achieve strategic cooperation. Everything is possible.

On May 12th, Gaogong LED Tour Xiamen Station, just waiting for you!

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