Desaixi launches new driving entertainment solution

Recently, Huizhou Desai Xiwei Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd. released the mascots “Xiaoxi” and “Wei Ge” during the Shanghai Auto Show to strengthen its fashionable and professional brand image, which is the first in the automotive electronics industry. At the same time, the company reiterated its two-pronged market development strategy of “pre-installation” and “post-installation” to the hundreds of upstream and downstream partners and mainstream media participating in the conference, as well as insisting on forward-looking, high-quality and high-tech product development. And manufacturing philosophy.

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Chen Chunlin, Chairman and General Manager of Desaixi, said in his speech: "The launch of the image of 'Xiaoxi' and 'Wei Ge' cartoon mascot has been brewing for a long time. This is also a process of exploring and shaping the brand and market strategy. Nowadays In light of our own advantages and characteristics, we have adapted to the needs of our customers and the downward trend of the automotive electronics industry chain. We have determined that 'pre-installation' leads the technological change, and 'post-install' continues to promote the dual-market development strategy. To bring more diversified automotive electronic products and solutions that are personalized, intelligent and safe to the market, and maintain its position as a benchmark in the automotive electronics industry at home and abroad!"

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