2835 large platform market has great potential

[Source: Gaogong LED's "LED Good Products" March 2015 issue (total issue 63) Wen | Yue Mengdi] In the field of small and medium power LED devices, 2835 has a high cost performance. In terms of performance, the 2835's heat dissipation effect is also highly competitive after repeated research and market testing by packaging companies.

"In theory, it is not feasible to achieve 1W or 1W above 2835 under the same life expectancy. If you want to do 1W or more, you need to sacrifice some service life."

But at the same time, Zhang Luhua also believes that the life of the 2835 is now acceptable on the market.

LEDs are now more in the replacement market, but with the development of technology and the recognition of users, LED lighting will realize more functions in more fields and truly realize the characteristics of its electronic products.

In fact, 2835 is currently the most mainstream device on the market, and some packaging companies have developed a series of other products on the basis of it. For example, Guoxing Optoelectronics has developed a series of automotive lighting FQ2835 series, 2835 plant lighting series, 2835 infrared and near-ultraviolet series.

Li Cheng said that the overall price/performance ratio of 2835 is good, and it can be extended according to different positioning customers and market demand. Such as different lumen levels, different color temperature and color rendering index, different power and voltage drop ranges, different light color binning requirements, and so on.

LED technology development and progress, to make enterprises more convenient to produce services, to better serve users. Domestic packaging companies favor 2835, a popular model for many years, and provide a relatively fixed support for the expansion of LED products and technologies.

The timely introduction of such a relatively standardized platform by Guoxing Optoelectronics may be one of the signs of the maturity of the LED industry.

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