Hardware issues to be aware of when using a new notebook

Hardware issues to be aware of when using a new notebook

First, the battery is often used to charge frequently

The notebook computer that I just bought has a natural beauty, so I always show it to my friends and introduce which ones are most pleasing. In this way, it is natural for batteries to store electricity frequently, as soon as a power source is plugged in, ConTInue can be continued. In this simple action, there is a hidden killer for laptops-greatly reducing the life of the battery. The best way is: when using the laptop several times before, the laptop battery should be completely used up, to the point that the laptop can no longer be turned on, then fully charged for 4 to 6 hours with the computer turned off . (In principle, it is best not to start working while charging. This will prolong the charging time. Even if it is charged for 4 hours, although it shows 100%, it may be virtual power, so the pure charging method is advocated.) It is best to remove the battery after charging. If conditions permit, usually use the lighting power supply directly. Once the battery is activated, it is necessary to insist on running out of electricity and then recharging. Only in this way can the battery work stably for a long time.

Second, the mouse taboo and press

As everyone knows, there are only two types of "book" mice, one is a pressure-sensitive type and the other is a touch-screen type. Both have advantages and disadvantages. The pressure-sensitive type has simple movements, and the pointer movement range is the entire desktop, but Many people cannot grasp the optimal pressure, and some people hold down the mechanical mouse used just like the computer, so they prematurely slow the pressure response. The touch screen is a layer of PVC-like material with a rough surface. During use, if the finger is dry, the pointer will not move and the range is very small. Many people deal with this situation by wiping hard while pressing hard. If you continue to develop like this for a long time, it will not only scratch the surface, but also make the mouse no longer flexible. The best way is: the former kind of light pressure and light movement, the latter kind should often wipe the surface with a soft cloth (glasses cloth), slightly moisten your fingers when using, this reduces the friction and allows you to move freely .

Third, the screen avoids "qin wiping" at will

The screen is the main reflector of the man-machine dialogue, it allows you to monitor every move of the computer in real time. But the composition of the LCD screen determines that she is more coquettish, especially the surface. Users often speak while working, and some stains will definitely appear on the surface. Some users will care for them at first, but they will wipe them out with a big wave in a few times. Inadvertently, the screen will be scratched, and the phenomenon is not obvious at first, but it can show signs of color, light and dark and some physical scratches over time. The best way is to wipe the surface of the display with a clean soft cloth and a neutral liquid that is neither oily nor irritating, and then wipe it with a dry soft cloth.

Fourth, optical drive to fight for a long time

Many friends often bring "books" when going out for meetings and traveling. One can borrow it for entertainment in the car, and the other can prepare materials, but most people still watch CDs and listen to music. This is a stifling to the life of the optical drive. Because the laptop is named for its compactness, the optical drive is also one of them, and it is a big heat sink. Long-term work will suddenly reduce the life of the laser head, and the overheating of the computer body causes premature aging of some plastic parts inside. The best way is to copy some of your favorite CDs and VCDs to the hard disk, so that you can not only reduce the heat source, but also extend the life of the "book".

Fifth, avoid the whole machine

Similar to the above situation, some people are really making the best use of it, just like the laptop underneath, they can work in an environment and a state at any time. This is very harmful, although the sparrow is small, but it is also a computer. The components are also complex and precious. The hard disk addressing also relies on the magnetic head to swipe on the disk rotating at high speed; the optical drive must also be stable to read the data correctly. If it is not laid flat, it is easy to cause some parts to gradually damage under abnormal conditions. The best way is to find a stable desktop or platform, support the back of the computer to enhance the heat dissipation effect, after using the shutdown, wait a while for the standby temperature to drop before putting it in the bag, so that your laptop Will always serve you obediently.

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