Laptop life

Laptop life

The service life of a laptop computer is actually impossible to judge. It can be used for several years under normal use. There are hardly any notebook electronic components and components that have obvious life cycle limitations. However, when using the computer, pay attention to care and maintenance, it will certainly extend the life cycle of the book. The following describes the conventional maintenance methods and maintenance knowledge.

Notebook computer maintenance and maintenance

Changyue PCWorld.COM.CN | 2004-08-10 17:00 | "Microcomputer World" published on August 10, 2004 Quote: For friends with laptops, I believe whether you are in the office or at home, do not want to Of laptops malfunctioned, resulting in the loss of work results or private files. How can the failure rate of laptops be reduced to a minimum? How can you make your laptop work with you honestly and honestly? In fact, as long as you pay more attention to the use of the process, often carry out some necessary maintenance and maintenance on the laptop, it is easy to bring immediate results. Here we give a brief summary of some problems that users need to pay more attention to during the use of laptop computers. I hope our experience can help you. In the following, we will describe the three aspects of the precautions for the new laptop computer, daily use and maintenance, and maintenance techniques for extending the life of the laptop.

First, the new machine

The first thing users of new laptops should pay attention to is the battery. The electrical characteristics of the new battery at the beginning of use and the performance after a period of use are very different, mainly reflected in the premature end of the charging process (false full phenomenon) and the power is not lasting after charging. As everyone knows, these problems can be improved by the user's multiple full charge / discharge to obtain the best performance of the battery. It should be noted that although the new battery can be used directly for charging, if the user does not use it properly at the beginning, the battery performance often does not reach the highest level. After you just got the new machine, please don't be busy charging the battery, because the notebook will be charged a small part of the battery when the factory leaves the factory for functional testing, so there are still certain laptops you get For the remaining power, please turn on the power of the laptop first, and discharge the remaining power before charging. The general approach is to charge and discharge the battery three times in a row before the battery can be fully warmed up to truly exert its potential performance. The charge and discharge mentioned here refers to the user needs to perform the operation of charging / discharging the battery. Remember, it must be fully charged, put it clean, then recharged, then put it clean, so repeat 3 times. After that, you can use the battery normally. Some laptop computers have already set the battery calibration function in the BIOS, users can more easily carry out regular maintenance of the laptop battery to obtain the best battery working status (see Figure 1). Now, congratulations, your laptop battery can work in the best battery state.

In addition, for newly purchased laptops, because the screen is very fragile, manufacturers often put a protective film on the outside of the screen to protect the screen. This protective film needs to be removed before use, because if not Exposure will seriously affect the display effect of the screen image. In the process of uncovering, you need to pay attention to it. Some computers have very tightly attached screen protectors. When uncovering, they must be slower. Take one corner of the screen and tear off the protective film step by step. Do not use excessive force or excessive force to avoid damaging the screen and causing its premature aging to turn yellow. Users of laptop computers are particularly reminded here that it is best not to throw away the screen protector that has been peeled off, and it is useful for future maintenance. Specific practices will be introduced later.

For some meticulous users, you can also consider finding some screen protectors, your favorite plastic stickers and other film materials, and sticking them on places that are easy to wear, such as hand rests, to better care for your love. Similar designs can also be seen on laptops that pay attention to details such as Sony and Acer (see Figure 2). In actual use, we recommend that you try not to use the laptop with your watch, bracelet, etc., because it is easy to inadvertently and severely wear the wrist rest, which will cause scars to the laptop.

In addition, it is very necessary to choose a high-quality laptop bag. After all, for most laptops, they are born to be brought in, and the proper laptop bag can naturally give them the most intimate protection. This should be more noticeable for new laptop users, not all laptop original packages are really appropriate. Unlike ordinary office bags, a truly well-designed laptop bag should first have sufficient four-sided strength and protective compartments to support a safe and comfortable "love nest" for the laptop. The common office bag is often unable to effectively isolate the backlog and collision of the outside world due to the excessive space and soft frame design. Secondly, it should have a reasonable accessory compartment design, for example, the power supply should be placed beside the side of the laptop to avoid scratching the laptop ’s LCD screen when the power plug is accidentally squeezed (see Figure 3). At the same time, the laptop bag should also have a certain waterproof capacity.

Second, daily maintenance

As a portable mobile computing device, notebook computers have actually done a lot of work in terms of their ruggedness and durability. However, no matter how rugged the notebook computer is, the user will be negligent during use. And there is a malfunction. So how to make users try to avoid mistakes in daily use is the main problem we discuss in this paragraph.

screen protector

In the previous paragraph, we talked about the protective film of the screen. We recommend attaching this protective film when you are not using the laptop, and then peeling it off when using the laptop. This can effectively protect the chemical coating on the outer layer of the screen. , So that the outermost coating will not be oxidized prematurely. In the process of using the laptop, users should never easily point / press the LCD screen with their hands, or touch the screen with a hard object. If you often do n’t pay attention to it for a long time, such as white marks will appear on the LCD screen forever. Scars that don't go will regret it later. A new layer of tissue paper is usually included in the packaging of the new machine. You can also put this layer of tissue paper between the screen and keyboard of the laptop to reduce the wear between the screen and the cap. If your laptop uses a pointing stick, we also recommend that you remove the pointing stick cap and store it separately when carrying the laptop for a long distance to avoid the screen from being injured (see Figure 4).

Moisture can be described as the "natural enemy" of notebook computers. In addition to avoiding drinks and eating fruits by the computer, it should also be careful not to store the machine in a humid place. Serious moisture will damage the components inside the LCD screen. It is particularly worth noting that in winter and summer, when entering or leaving a room with heating or air conditioning, a large temperature difference can also cause "condensation" to occur. When the user energizes the LCD at this time, it may also cause corrosion of the liquid crystal electrode, resulting in permanent Sexual damage. For this reason, we also recommend that your ambient temperature change should not be greater than 10 ℃ / 10min. In the event of water ingress on the screen, if it is only found that there is mist on the surface of the screen before booting, gently wipe it off with a soft cloth and then boot. If moisture has entered the LCD, the LCD should be placed in a warmer place, such as under a desk lamp, to gradually evaporate the moisture inside. In the rainy season, everyone should also pay attention to running the laptop regularly for a period of time in order to heat the components to disperse the moisture. It is best to put a small packet of moisture-proof agent in the laptop bag to create a good home for the love machine.

For screen maintenance, in addition to paying attention to the above problems, you can also use artificial or software to cooperate. Because the life of the LCD screen is still much shorter than that of the CRT, and its aging speed is much faster, then we need to use it normally. Pay special attention. For example, set the time interval for automatically turning off the screen when the computer is unresponsive on the power management interface, or you simply develop a habit of closing the screen when you are not using the laptop for a long time, reducing unnecessary screen loss. In addition, to delay the aging of the LCD screen, care should be taken to avoid direct sunlight on the screen for a long time, try to use moderate brightness / contrast, and reduce the long-term display of fixed patterns (to avoid excessive local aging). Finally, there is usually a special soft brush, eyeglass cloth, ear wash, etc. to wipe the screen, and if necessary, you can use neutral detergent or a little water to clean the surface stains. These tips are very good for LCD screens.

Hard disk and optical drive maintenance

As the part of the computer that mainly works by mechanical motion, it is also the most vulnerable part, so its protection should be paid special attention to. First of all, we should pay attention to not moving the laptop computer too fast during the operation of the hard disk, and certainly not to bump the laptop computer suddenly. Although the shock resistance of the laptop hard drive is much better than the desktop hard drive, after all, the principle is the same as that of the desktop hard drive. The magnetic head arm floats on the disk at 4200r / min or higher speed, a sudden impact or even Even small vibrations can have serious consequences. Everyone knows that the damage caused by hard disk damage is the largest of all hardware damages, and sometimes it can be said to be devastating. Therefore, users of laptops are advised to try their best when working on the hard disk, such as copying files. Don't make the laptop shake, so that you can maximize the protection of your hard drive, thereby protecting your most important data. For the important data on it, we recommend that you regularly use external storage methods (such as CD burning, tape storage, external hard disk, or network sharing) for external backup to ensure that important data can be kept at critical times.

The structure of a laptop optical drive is more precise than that of a desktop optical drive, so it is also more sensitive to dust and stains. In order to avoid the influence of dust, the disc drive of the notebook computer should take out the disc when not in use, avoid the frequent use of inferior / dirty discs, reduce the continuous operation of the optical drive for a long time, and select the virtual optical drive software to reduce the burden if necessary. Regular cleaning of the bald head with cleaning fluid is also an important means of maintaining the laptop's optical drive. The optical drive of the notebook computer has guide rails for tray access on both sides. If too much force is applied when loading the disc, the wear of the guide rails and the tray may be exacerbated too many times, which makes the gap increase, and the access of the tray will be unstable, even Unable to eject or close. We can also gently support the tray of the optical drive when loading the disc to reduce the pressure on the guide rail.

Pointing equipment maintenance

Since most laptops come with a touchpad or a mouse rod instead of a mouse, and many users are used to using these two methods to control the cursor on the screen, so as a frequently used part on laptops, we It is still necessary to introduce the daily maintenance skills of these two input devices. First talk about the maintenance of the touchpad. In fact, it is very simple. General touchpads are divided into multiple layers. The first layer is a transparent protective layer, and the second layer is a tactile layer. Here the user needs to pay attention to the first layer, the main function of this layer of protective layer is to enhance the wear resistance of the touch version. Since the surface of the touchpad is often pressed and rubbed by fingers, the role of this protective layer is crucial. Be careful not to accidentally allow hard objects to scratch this protective film. As long as this film is broken a little, the rest will fall off quickly. When the entire protective film falls off, the wear resistance of the touchpad will be It is very fragile, and it is easy to fail due to long-term friction. Of course, keeping the touchpad clean is also necessary (see Figure 5).

Let's talk about the mouse rod (also known as the pointing stick). The mouse rod was originally invented by IBM. Its main benefit is to save assembly space. Users must pay attention to the strength of the dial when using the mouse rod. I have seen many Laptop with broken mouse lever. In addition, the general mouse rod has a rubber head. If the user often uses the rubber head for a long time, it will deteriorate and fall off, so pay attention to protection. Dirty is also the main problem here, you can use a toothbrush with a little toothpaste for proper cleaning.

Keyboard maintenance

Finally, we have to introduce some maintenance tips about the keyboard we use most. Since the keyboard is one of the most frequently used parts, although many manufacturers have considered its durability, especially in the structure has been fully optimized, but When the water drops through the stone, the problem comes after a long time. Either a key is not easy to use, or the letters are worn out. Users should pay attention to the following points when using it: The first is not to lose temper with the keyboard. We think that the biggest killer of the keyboard is you. Many computer users can't help but smash the keyboard a few times because of the loss of their work after the crash. We remind you that this will cause damage to the soft rubber that supports the keyboard keys, and the problem will not occur when the keys are pressed after a long time. The second point is to try not to eat, smoke or drink above the laptop, and keep the keyboard clean. Especially if too much liquid enters the keyboard, it is likely to short circuit the circuit and cause hardware loss. We hope users can develop a good habit of staying away from the laptop when eating or drinking, so as to minimize the chance of problems and achieve the purpose of protecting the laptop. Secondly, we suggest that you can buy a special soft glue for laptop keyboards. This soft glue has a lot of uneven keys, which can cover the keyboard of the laptop. It is waterproof, dustproof, and preventable. Grinding, and the price is not expensive, can be bought in the general computer market. In addition, it is also necessary to regularly clean the dust in the gaps between the keys with a cleaning cloth.

For those users whose keyboard has been flooded or inflexible, we teach you a trick. First of all, every button of the laptop can be disengaged. For standard-sized buttons, you can pull them with your fingernails from top to bottom, and then you will see a rubber pad. If the button does not spring, it is related to it. For users who ca n’t press the keys, you can press the rubber pad with your hand. If you ca n’t pop it up by yourself, you can use other rubber pads for the buttons that are not commonly used to replace it, or go to the second-hand laptop market to buy one. , The price is very cheap, at least much cheaper than the repair station you get. For users who enter the keyboard with water, you need to pull out all the keys of the water inlet, and then check carefully. If it is determined that the liquid does not leak into the computer, then dry the distilled water or tap water. For beverages, such as Coca-Cola, etc., these beverages will leave sticky sugar after the water evaporates to dryness, then you need to wipe with low-concentration alcohol. Pay attention to every corner when wiping, especially the rubber pad. Okay, so simple, how? Have you already started?

Interface maintenance

Of course, for the various ports of the notebook computer, such as the PCMCIA bayonet, VGA interface, etc., we should usually pay attention to, when not in use, try to seal the interface with a special buckle or empty card to prevent dust from entering the host from these places . At the same time, you should unplug these expansion connection devices as much as possible when carrying a laptop computer to go out, so as to avoid them being left over, causing the interface to become loose, twisted or even broken (see Figure 6).

3. Deep care

After understanding some daily use and maintenance skills, we will introduce some methods for prolonging the life of notebook computers for advanced users. In fact, we have also introduced some briefly in the previous two parts, and here we will focus on some in-depth tips for maintaining and caring for the laptop.

Hard drive

In fact, there are only a few major parts that really affect the lifespan of laptop computers, including hard drives, batteries, and screens. Okay, let ’s talk about the hardest hard drive first! How can I extend its life? Of course, first of all, we have to do what we have said in the previous paragraph, and try to avoid violent impacts when the hard disk is working. After you do this, if you want to extend its life, you have to work hard. I do n’t know if you have noticed it. Some people often have problems with their laptop hard drives, while some people ’s hard drives have n’t had problems for a long time. You may find it strange that laptops of the same brand and model have different lifespans for their hard drives, but they all care about their appearance, do n’t you understand? In fact, the life of the hard disk is mainly determined by the user's usual usage habits. Here are a few tips to pay attention to:

1. Try not to start multiple Copy tasks in parallel: this method will cause the operating system to perform frequent arm scheduling for the head of the hard disk, speed up the aging of the head motor, and it is easy to cause problems when the head is long. The most common failure is to continue to make a clicking sound when booting, and then you can't recognize the hard disk. You must pay attention. Try not to start multiple Copy tasks simultaneously. You can select multiple files for Copy at one time or wait for the previous one After the task is completed, proceed to the next Copy (see Figure 7).

2. Try not to open multiple applications that need to read the data on the hard disk at the same time: in fact, the principle is the same as above, and this will also accelerate the aging of the head motor.

3. Regular disk defragmentation (see Figure 8), it is best to format the computer and reinstall the system when necessary: ​​regular disk defragmentation is actually very good for the hard disk, which can make the files on the hard disk orderly Rearrangement can be found very quickly when accessing it, which increases the addressing efficiency of the hard disk and reduces the movement of the magnetic head. In addition, reinstalling the computer can also speed up the running speed of the program. Since the disk defragmenter can only defragment the area occupied by the files that can be moved, some areas that cannot be movable cannot be defragmented. Reinstalling the system can rearrange the files in the entire boot area. Can get better results than disk defragmentation.

4. Make the hard disk work under the low temperature state as much as possible: When the internal hard disk is higher than a certain working temperature, it will be deformed due to high temperature. At this time, it may cause problems such as increased friction of the motor on the disk and increase the hard disk. The chance of error.

There are still many tips for using hard disks. In fact, we are here to correct some common misunderstandings. Attentive users may find more tips. In short, the more careful you use, the laptop will The more stable it is for you.

The battery also has a long life

One short-lived king to be mentioned below is the battery. Some domestic brands of notebook computers have a bad battery, and some of them even broke after only half a year. Is it really the fault of these laptop manufacturers? For the time being, we will put aside questions about manufacturers. Did you know that some bad usage habits are very unfavorable to the battery, which may directly lead to the end of the battery in a short period of time, so what do we need to pay attention to during use?

1. Try to let the battery run out before recharging. The charging must be full and reusable: Although the current laptops use lithium batteries, the memory effect is weakened, but bad usage habits will still shorten their lifespan.

2. Do not charge the battery on rainy days: Thunderstorms often occur on rainy days. The instantaneous current impact caused by lightning strikes is extremely unfavorable to the battery.

3. Carry out regular battery maintenance: If you ca n’t guarantee that the battery will be completely clean and recharged every time, then you should charge and discharge it at least once a month (ie, put it clean and recharge after it is fully charged), or use it regularly The battery calibration function built into the BIOS is used for maintenance, which is very beneficial to extend the battery life.

Two points to be careful

Let's talk about two more easily broken but not noticeable places

1. The connection part of the laptop screen opening and closing: This part is also very easy to break. Many people's laptops will have a problem that the screen becomes very alive after being used for a period of time. In serious cases, they cannot be locked at a certain angle. It can only be supported by other objects. At the same time, this connected part is also very easy to crack, so you should try to make the laptop screen lighter and slower every time you open and close the laptop screen. Also, when you use the laptop normally, you should avoid making the screen shake back and forth frequently (for example In a bumpy car, it is best to let the screen rely on the legs to reduce shaking), the probability of this problem will be greatly reduced, avoid opening and closing too fast and too fast!

2. The buttons attached to the touchpad or mouse stick on the laptop: This part is also relatively easy to break. We tell you a little trick. When you use the buttons, press the middle position as much as possible, which will make the micro switch inside suffer. Uniform force, thereby increasing service life.

So far, we have introduced the maintenance methods and usage tips of several relatively vulnerable parts such as the screen, hard disk, keyboard, and battery. Of course, this is only the most commonly used part of a large number of notebook computer maintenance skills, I hope you can benefit from our introduction. In fact, in daily use, we believe that you will also summarize more practical techniques than the above to make your laptop work better.

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