5 GE General Electric 2W LED Bulbs Evaluation: Health Light without stroboscopic color reproduction

I think it doesn't matter if you use a mobile phone. The mainstream mobile phones in the market, from 1000 yuan to 6,000 yuan, have little difference in functional performance, I am satisfied. But for the light bulb, I am picky. I have been looking for reliable and healthy LED bulbs. However, it is very difficult along the way...

The plot is not the case: since I saw the GE General Electric led bulb , my heart has settled down.

I 85 is a rear, child at home are incandescent, after reading the universal basically fluorescent lamps, and after graduation led lamp swept market. It can be said that in less than 30 years, the light bulbs have been "upgraded" two times in a row. But behind the seemingly upgraded, the quality of the light produced by the light bulb is really downshifted twice.

The helpless plot is like this: "Since the new decoration at home has unified the led light source , I always feel very uncomfortable. I have recently switched back to incandescent and halogen lamps ." Many friends have commented on this... (Who ? Stand up by yourself)

However, the background of the times is this: LED bulbs are 1 yuan; most of the LED bulbs are unqualified, and domestic mainstream brands are also listed; there are more than 1000 LED bulb manufacturers in the country, which can produce a very small proportion of qualified bulbs...

1 yuan to buy home, at the same time may be bought: the child's injured eyes and falling results; the prospective wife is not satisfied with the dishes and uploaded to the network ...

Product narrative, out of the box display and use

The story of me and GE General Electric LED bulbs

Many value friends have never seen GE's LED bulbs. It is true that his family has very few goods in mainland China. Even Jingdong has no sales, and other online shopping channels are not popular. Offline stores are rare. To. But GE's lighting industry is indeed one of the world's leading, and remains one of the core divisions under GE's “one of the best” thinking. GE recently announced that it will no longer provide CFL fluorescent energy-saving lamps in the US market, focusing only on LED R&D and production. At the same time, there are several smart bulbs that are smart to the human body. (Please don't compare domestic millet or even international Philips). However, GE's LED bulbs are also different, that is the price...

At the time of buying, I showed these babies to a professional friend and wanted to ask if this is a god horse structure. As a result, professionals said: I have not seen it! Later, when I talked about the price, I talked about the price of 2W for 20 yuan and the price of 10 yuan per watt. He said that the gray is often not understood, and this product has only 60 lumens of illumination! Indeed, GE bulbs are not unusual, and such market positioning determines that they cannot make a difference in the Chinese market where information is so asymmetric. Then I said: This goods has half a Chinese character from the outside to Limu, which is for the European and American markets. Professional friends laughed: the price of 3 yuan for people is indeed a good thing! However, however, how can I not be happy.

GE brand bulbs are niche in China (compared to Philips and Osram), and this product is also niche in its product line (compared to the newly released, red to purple bright stick). But with this unique structure, I have to take it home! In fact, the author has been following the footsteps of GE bulbs, and is following the footsteps of all high-quality LED bulbs.

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