Automotive engine, crash test, data acquisition system test

Ou Duo (ODU), the world's leading provider of high-performance connector technology, achieved sales of 146 million euros worldwide in 2015, and continued to maintain a growth momentum of more than 5%. China, a particularly successful market, has achieved a double-digit growth rate, benefiting from the customized connector solutions from Europe and the active expansion in various fields. New energy vehicles are one of the key areas.

Ou Du has more than 70 years of connector experience, and its reliable connection technology has been widely used in the automotive field, including new energy vehicles, automotive production line automatic testing, automotive reliability testing. “The requirements for hybrid and electric vehicle interfaces are required to meet the stringent requirements of connector performance due to the diversity. High performance requirements such as high number of insertions, current carrying capacity, heat resistance and shock resistance are positive. The ODU connector system is excellent,” said Jan Lont, president of Oudu Asia. By intelligently designing and using special materials, ODU provides a convincing and sustainable connection solution for automotive applications, especially for complex Reliable transmission of large currents in the environment.

Automotive engine, crash test, data acquisition system test

Eurodo offers customized high-voltage battery pack connectors and complete solutions for new energy vehicles. Jan Lont said that Ou Du has a mature case in Europe and North America, such as the Mercedes-Benz S-series hybrid and the BMW i8\i3 electric car, which are all European battery pack connection solutions. Its working voltage is up to 500V, withstand voltage level of 2.1KV ~ AC, working current up to 300A, IP69K level protection, average insertion force is small - 6mm pin hole average insertion force is about 10N, the operating temperature range is -40C ~ 120C.

“Plug-in and pure electric vehicles are also benefiting from an important feature of the ODU connection system – ensuring that the battery charging system achieves more than 10,000 insertions and removals.” Jan Lont says electric vehicles have both AC and DC charging. Mode (AC and DC), DC current and voltage are particularly high, if the connection technology is not high quality, the contact impedance will be higher when charging, resulting in high loss, and even sparks, affecting charging and car safety.

According to Jan Lont, a study by Europe has found that the charging of electric vehicles has damaged the charging piles because the performance of the connectors used in charging guns and charging piles cannot meet the high-frequency plugging and higher voltages. Current demand. Jan Lont said that the current penetration rate of electric vehicles is not very high, so this phenomenon has not attracted enough attention from the industry. With the increase in the use of electric vehicles, the quality of charging guns and charging post connectors will eventually be taken seriously.

It is understood that the Ou Duo single-pin pin hole has been used in the field of electric vehicle charging, such as ODU LAMTAC®. The advantages of LAMTAC® include high-reliability connections in low-loss, high-current environments. Single-core pinholes continue to ensure low insertion force and consistent contact resistance even after 10,000 insertions and removals. The Tesla series and the BMW X5 charging guns are equipped with Euro connection technology.

JanLont said that Ou Du is optimistic about the positive impact of the Chinese government on the promotion of new energy vehicle policies, so Europe is committed to further expand the product platform of new energy vehicles, with a view to more independent brand manufacturers and charging facilities in China. Equipment manufacturers and other established new partnerships. In addition to the field of new energy vehicles, automotive production line automatic testing and automotive reliability testing are the application areas where the European connector has advantages. Jan Lont gave an example of several typical applications of the ODU MINI-SNAP connector solution in these areas:

Engine testing: The engine needs to be tested and collected in large quantities during laboratory development and mass production. All test data is collected into the data collector through various sensors, pipelines and connectors. For this type of application, the connector needs to be quickly inserted, removed, plugged and unplugged, reliable, and differently positioned to prevent errors. ODU's ODU MINI-SNAP® connector solution is ideal for this highly integrated, high-volume data transfer.

Automobile crash test: In the car crash test, a large number of ODU MINI-SNAP connectors are used to connect the sensors to the data acquisition device to transmit different data such as the force placed on different parts of the human body and the vehicle. This test requires connectors with reliable connection, easy insertion and removal, and high density.

Data Acquisition Systems: Various data acquisition systems tend to be smaller, more portable, and modular in similar automotive fatigue, vibration, and engine testing. Thanks to the high integration density of the ODU MINI-SNAP and the various outer diameter dimensions, the panel opening size and volume of the instrument module can be minimized.

At the moment, Europe is planning to strengthen its global market position while paying attention to sales growth. Its 2016 target is global sales exceeding the €150 million mark. Jan Lont said that a number of new initiatives from Europe will ensure the continued success of the company, and in addition to continuing to expand investment in research and development and laboratory projects, Europe will pay more attention to the global management structure. As President of Europe, Asia, Jan Lont and his management team will pay more attention to the market-oriented products in their region, ensuring that Europe is closer to customers, providing customers with faster service, high level of flexibility and product availability. . JanLont also said that the Chinese market is a market with rapid growth and growth in Europe. At present, the localization rate of Europe is 20%. In the next five years, China's local R&D and local production will continue to be strengthened. The long-term goal is to achieve 80%. Localization rate.

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