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What is a TV box? What can a TV box do? In fact, the answer is very simple, the so-called TV box is a set-top box that we have in many people now, but why do we have to buy one at home? The smart TV box is a high-tech product like a mobile phone. The smart TV box is equipped with an operating system. Users can install and uninstall programs provided by third-party service providers such as software and games. Developers can continue to expand system functions. Foreign Apple launched Apple TV early in the morning, Google also launched Google TV, domestic millet has a millet box, and LeTV has a music box. In addition, there are smart set-top box brands including Jieke, Kaiboer, the United States, and Meile. So many brands, how to choose? I will introduce it in several aspects below.

The first point is also the most important point for everyone is the price, the price of the general TV box is more than 200-300 yuan, taking into account the CPU and memory will be eliminated after two or three years, so the user should not consider over-priced products, and You should choose a TV box product that is less than 300 yuan.

The second point is the appearance and remote control, because each family's decoration style is not the same as the choice of the same direction, the TV box should be the more compact the better, if the body size is not as good as their own installation of a HTPC, in addition to the remote control operation is Convenience is also very important. You can't always use the wireless mouse to operate the TV box. Such an experience is not as good as watching it on a computer.

The third point is the external interface. The external interface of the TV box is also a very important option. The main interfaces include: video and audio output, Ethernet port, USB interface, etc. In terms of software, it is best to support iPhone and Android software. Remote control applications, AirPlay and other functions.

The fourth point is the operating system. At present, there are two types of operating systems for TV boxes, the Android system and the iOS system. Most domestic products are Android systems. Apple's Apple TV uses the iOS system, but because it does not enter China, Therefore, users do not have to think about it. Android system upgrade speed is relatively fast, so users should choose a strong development of the manufacturers, to support the subsequent upgrade of the TV box operating system, and to avoid the use of cottage products, because cottage products are often released after a version there is no subsequent upgrade The version greatly reduces the life cycle of TV boxes.

The fifth point is the hardware configuration, the choice of hardware configuration is mainly the CPU and memory, in principle, the larger the configuration the better, the faster the CPU, the greater the memory, the smoother the operation, if the CPU is too slow or memory is too small , it is likely to affect the operating system's loading speed and reduce the TV box's use experience. The current mainstream TV box configuration is 1.5G dual-core CPU, 1G memory, 4G flash memory. Generally speaking, the replacement of CPU and memory is faster, that is, one year later, the CPU of the TV box may not be able to run the latest application, and after three years, this CPU may be completely eliminated, so the purchase of TV The box does not have to cost too much. Once there is any hardware upgrade (updating memory and CPU) in the future, purchase a new TV box.

The sixth point is the network configuration, home broadband should be at least 4M or more, if more than 10M speed over the Internet, in addition to the telecom operators ADSL dial-up MODEM, but also add a router, the user can choose to pass this router The WiFi or network cable is used to connect the TV box. It is recommended to use the cable instead of the WiFi connection. This can greatly improve the viewing effect and avoid stalling. I once tested in the millet box. In the 12M network environment, the TV box can test at full speed through the network cable. With Wifi, it can only reach 7 and 8M, and the speed is unstable. There are disconnections in the middle, so the speed and stability are good. From a sexual point of view, it is the preferred method of connecting the network cable.

Summary: TV boxes are really diversified in terms of purchase. We can't buy homes to try them out in the end, but we can't pay attention to the propaganda of businesses or we need to rationally choose the ones that suit our needs. It is not very easy to buy as much as possible on low-priced products. If you only use live TV and online TV and movies, you don’t need to go over and compare the TV boxes of other people’s homes. You’ll be very tired. Looking at the CPU and the price, the operating system and the external interface can be almost as good as if the home network is to force to choose better products to increase the joy in the living room. The above still hopes to give you useful help.

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