Apple's investment of 100 million U.S. dollars has little effect on the HTC patent warfare

Apple's 100 million U.S. dollar investment has little effect on the HTC patent war January 30 news, according to technology website BGR reported, insiders broke the news that Apple has invested more than 100 million US dollars in the first round of patent litigation with HTC, but it has little effect.

Newsweek quoted from the news source Dan Lyons’s blog said that “the number of widely circulated figures in the legal profession” shows that Apple has spent more than US$100 million in patent litigation with Android smart phone maker HTC, but it has hardly achieved any results. Apple did win a victory last month. The International Trade Commission ruled that some of HTC's products were infringing and banned imports. However, HTC immediately responded by saying that it had made simple modifications to the infringing product to avoid infringement.

Although Apple's strategy in terms of technology patents is quite positive, even if Jobs vowed to destroy the Android system did not cause losses to Android manufacturers, let alone make it completely disappear. Whether the huge legal expenses will prompt Apple's precipice is still to be observed.

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