Four aspects of diagnosis easily lead out the high power consumption of the refrigerator

There are many reasons for the increase in the power consumption of refrigerators. Some experts have been consulted. The editors have revealed several main reasons for you, and introduced some tips for saving electricity. First, the ambient temperature must not be overheated. The ambient temperature has a direct impact on the power consumption of the refrigerator. When the ambient temperature rises, the heat dissipation of the refrigerator will be slowed down, and the temperature inside the box will decrease slowly.

An electrical appliance used to protect electrical equipment from high transient overvoltage hazards and to limit the duration of continuous flow.This term includes any external clearance necessary for the normal functioning of the appliance during operation and installation, whether or not it is a unit as a whole.

Surge Protector, also known as lightning arrester, is an electronic device that provides safety protection for all kinds of electronic equipment, instruments and communication lines.When the electric circuit or communication lines or for outside disturbance suddenly produce peak current in voltage, surge protector in a very short time conduction tap, to avoid surge damage to other devices in the circuits.[1]

Surge protector, suitable for ac 50/60 hz, rated voltage 220 v to 380 v power supply system, the indirect lightning and thunder and lightning directly affect transient over voltage surge protection, or other applicable to the family home, the third industry and the surge protection industry requirements.

Surge Protector and Arrester

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