China's cable hazards all-round violation of law companies

China's cable hazards all over the country China's wire and cable industry will face “life-and-death separation”, and the problems existing in the industry have been gradually presented. China's wire and cable industry lacks independent industry organizations and unified standards and norms, lack of market supervision, disorderly industry competition, and low price bids. , counterfeiting, shoddy work, cutting corners, shoddy goods and many other issues restrict the development of the industry.

In recent years, China's wire and cable industry has caused widespread concern and strong repercussions because of the serious consequences caused by product quality issues, credit issues, and financing issues. Related illegal businesses are full of fines, fines, and severe crimes. China's wire and cable industry, which was originally not very calm, has experienced frequent risks. Many enterprises, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, are facing “death from life”.

Subsequently, the reporter interviewed the local responsible person. According to reports, after the company recovered 10 million yuan of loans from the banks, the banks resolutely stopped lending, resulting in a number of related guarantee companies being implicated in serious funds. At present, the corporate legal person has been "controlled". Whether or not to "eat the lawsuit" remains to be further investigated.

The reporter learned that similar situations have recently emerged in the local town of less than a few hundred square kilometers. The person in charge said that at least seven or eight companies are also facing the phenomenon that they will not be re-lending on loan after the bank has recovered the loan. Seriously, such as a local “name enterprise”, up to 100 million loans will not be returned after being recovered. . At present, the factory has stopped working, "waiting for death", and hundreds of workers have collectively "waiting for work."

Speaking of this, the face of the person in charge appears helpless. He said that government agencies can do nothing about it. The bank is led by a single vertical line, we can only help plea, say good things, but the effect is minimal.

This "fraud case" refracts the grim reality of the global economic downturn. The report of the 18th CPC National Congress proposed that we must deepen the reform of the financial system and improve the modern financial system that promotes macroeconomic stability and supports the development of the real economy. From the perspective of Yixing, the Chinese wire and cable base, thousands of related companies are privately owned enterprises. The country’s financial credit policy has not yet generally allowed companies to loosen. Compared with the relatively easy case of previous loans due to maturity, the current financial situation is still making most private companies feel tight, and some companies are really facing "life and death."

The financing of SMEs is an international problem. Providing high-quality financial services for tens of thousands of China's cable companies, especially small and medium-sized private enterprises of small and medium-sized enterprises, requires the formation of a joint effort among the government, banks, and intermediary organizations. However, the current institutional mechanisms, products, and service models of commercial banks are still not well adapted to the urgent financial services needs of these companies. In order to better promote the development of small and medium-sized cable companies, the government and regulatory authorities need to further increase support for the establishment of specialized institutions in commercial banks, the issuance of small and micro enterprise financial bonds, the supervision of loan-to-deposit ratios, and the adjustment of tolerance for non-performing loans. Solid actions will earnestly implement the requirements of the Party's Eighteenth Congress and will greatly increase the number of Chinese cable companies entering the high-speed development path centering on quality and efficiency.

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