Shanghai launches LED Blu-ray risk monitoring

At present, China has become the world's largest producer of LED lamps. However, there have been recent reports that medical experts are concerned that LED blue light can cause damage to the retina, even blindness.

Is the LED light blue really so dangerous? The so-called "blue light overflow" is really a "potential killer" that hurts the eyes? On January 6, the Shanghai Quality Supervision Bureau organized a testing agency to carry out some LED lighting products. For risk monitoring, 27 samples were collected from different sources for blue light hazard detection. At the same time, the bureau also invited experts from the medical, university and industry circles to “consult” for the first time, and listened to the opinions of all parties.

"Demonization" Blu-ray is not scientific
Is Blu-ray really as terrible as the rumor? The experts pointed out that blue light is a constant light in nature and an important part of sunlight. It must also exist in various white light sources. This means that the environment in which we live cannot be “off-light”, and it is obviously unscientific to “demonize” Blu-ray.

As for the harm of blue light, Jiang Chunhui, the representative of the medical profession and the chief physician of Shanghai ENT Hospital, said: "Through the experiments on mice in recent years, the damage of blue light to the visual cells has been determined, and in-depth research results are constantly emerging." Yu Anqi has different opinions. He pointed out that the “blue-rich” environment and the normalized environment in intensive exposure are two different concepts. However, he also stressed that it is precisely because of the rich characteristics of the blue light spectrum of white LED lighting products that the international standard of photobiohazard is available to remind the product of the safety.

Zhai Tongsheng, professor of the Department of Optoelectronic Information Engineering at Zhejiang University, reminded that the current standard limits are based on experimental data from adults and 8-hour exposures. The long-term effects of light on the human body have not been considered and certain special populations, such as infants and young children, may not be considered. Will look directly at the light source for a long time, causing damage to the retina. Zhang Shanduan, deputy director of the Institute of Electric Light Sources of Fudan University, suggested that in the future, the standard should be strict and not wide.

Experts at the meeting suggested that although the standard stipulates that Class 0 (non-hazardous) and Class 1 (low-risk) products are safe to use, Class 0 products should be clearly used for special populations.

Optional LED should pay attention to color temperature parameters
In this "consultation", the professional term "color temperature parameter" has also attracted everyone's attention. It is reported that the natural light is high in color at noon, and the color temperature is low in the morning and dusk. Due to the high blue light content in high color temperature lighting products, the use of such products in the office space is beneficial to boost the spirit. However, if used at night, it may affect sleep, causing the biological clock to be disordered, thereby reducing human immunity. Therefore, Yu Anqi stressed that while paying attention to the potential damage of LED blue light to the retina, it is also necessary to pay attention to the influence of "rich blue" LED lighting products, that is, high color temperature lighting products on the human body's rhythm. Zhang Haijun, honorary chairman of the Shanghai Lighting Society, suggested that the color temperature of indoor LED lighting products should not exceed 4000K, and LED lighting products with color temperature of 5000K and above should be avoided.

At present, the current effective standard focuses on the Blu-ray problem, focusing on the damage caused to the human eye in a short time or moment when the brightness of the blue light reaches the standard 2 (medium risk) or 3 (high risk) standards. . The impact of "rich blue" lighting on human physiology is still a frontier topic, and it is awaiting further research by all sectors. The results of the “consultation” suggest that the color temperature applicable to LED lighting products in different locations should be specified when further refining the corresponding national standards or technical specifications.

Start LED Blu-ray risk monitoring
Prior to this “consultation”, Shanghai Lighting Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Station collected 27 LED samples from different channels, including table lamps, spotlights, downlights, panel lights and light bulbs. According to IECEE CTL (International Electrotechnical Commission-Laboratory Committee) Resolution DSH 0744, the blue light hazard is judged. As a result, under normal use conditions, 14 are non-hazardous and 13 are low-risk. Belongs to the scope of safety. However, if it is used under abnormal conditions, that is, the front light-transmitting diffuser is removed, there is one type that has reached the medium risk. Yu Anqi pointed out that the necessary structural protection measures or warning signs should be taken for such products.

Although it seems that there is no big problem from the test results. However, because the blue light is harmful to people's health and safety, Zhang Hailu, honorary chairman of the Shanghai Lighting Society, stressed that energy conservation cannot be seen as more important than human health.

Yu Anqi also suggested that the relevant departments carry out special risk monitoring of blue light hazards for indoor LED lighting products, so that LED lighting products will develop in a healthy direction. The Shanghai Product Quality and Safety Assessment Research Center has launched related risk monitoring projects.

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