Deshang Optoelectronics: How to break the package dilemma

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It is an indisputable fact that the LED packaging market continues to be sluggish and the winter is long.

The report issued by the High-tech LED Industry Research Institute (GLII) said that in the three major packaging application markets in 2012, the price of display devices has fallen to a low level, and the products have basically no profit at all; the price of backlight devices has dropped by 15%, but due to The market is relatively closed, and packaging companies that have entered the supply chain of large factories can still guarantee a certain level of profitability; while the price of lighting devices has dropped by 10%-20%.

"The overall profit margin of the packaging industry is not very optimistic, but grasping the positioning of the market and products can achieve breakthroughs in the cracks." Xia Dingzhi, general manager of Shenzhen Deshang Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "German Optoelectronics") said that LED Packaging products are updated very quickly, directly testing the company's grasp of the market and products.

The market must be accurate

As an intermediate link in the industry chain, LED packaging companies should adjust the product direction according to the changes in the end market demand at any time, which poses a great challenge to the market resilience of enterprises. However, due to the ever-changing design of downstream lighting products, this personalized and differentiated demand for LED devices has also brought market opportunities to a large number of small and medium-sized packaging companies.

Previously, high-brightness LED lighting fixtures mostly used high-power packaging devices. Last year, South Korea's Samsung and LG companies began to introduce the 5630 medium-power devices into the LED lighting market, and the entire market quickly set off a wave of price cuts.

At the same time, the 3528, which has been the mainstream device of LED fluorescent tubes, has been gradually replaced by the 2835 lamp beads of the flip-chip structure since the end of 2011. In the second half of last year, 2835 has become popular in the market.

Xia Dingzhi expects that the low-power LED packaged devices in 2013 will have 15%-20% price reduction space, which will accelerate the transfer of low- and medium-power LED backlight production capacity to the lighting field. Medium- and low-power LEDs will become the mainstream devices in the lighting market.

“The advantage of German Optoelectronics is the medium and low power products, and the market positioning is very clear.” Xia Dingzhi said that the current business of Deshang Optoelectronics is small and medium power SMD patch and finished product application, and the patch models are 3014 and 2835. The main products, finished products are mainly fluorescent lamps, floodlights, panel lights and some customized innovative lamps, the product line is very market-oriented.

Xia Dingzhi said that the current market share of 3014 and 2835 is very high, and the 2835 is a 0.2W medium power package, which is an upgraded product of 3014.

The heat of the chip of 2835 is directly derived from the bottom of the bracket, and the heat dissipation area is larger than that of the 3014, and the heat dissipation performance is excellent. Since the light-emitting surface of 2835 is rectangular, the light-emitting area and the light-emitting angle of 3014 and 3528 are greatly improved, and the light-emitting area is 2.3 times that of 3014 and 2.1 times that of 3528.

In addition, the 2835 is widely used, which overcomes the shortcomings of the 3014 side illumination angle, and effectively solves the point light source phenomenon in the 3528 lighting application. At the same time, 2835 lamp beads increase the light output efficiency by 3-10%, and 85-95% light transmissive cover can be used, which is particularly obvious on LED fluorescent lamps.

"Before the market has no more cost-effective product models, 3014 and 2835 are still the focus of the German-Guangzhou Optoelectronics." Xia Dingzhi revealed that the current profit of LED lamps in Germany is between 20% and 30%. Out of the market average.


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