New Year's Day New Year's heavy attack on the Australians to start the 2013 New Year promotion

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According to the reporter's observation, following the "Golden September and Silver 10", lighting merchants have welcomed the excellent business opportunities of New Year's Day and New Year. Many companies want to take advantage of this opportunity to "earn a lot" and have launched product promotion campaigns. In order to fully seize this opportunity, the New Year promotion of Aox Lighting in 2013 has begun. From November 15th to December 25th, Auxos will carry out promotional activities nationwide in two phases. Each phase focuses on different priorities. It aims to implement a differentiated strategy to fully protect the interests of customers, increase the comprehensive profitability of its single store, and complete the year-end sales target without compromise.

According to reports, the promotion is mainly based on light source and household products, focusing on the introduction of new LED tube spotlights and H5 switches, among which there will be several spotlights for special sales; in addition to electrical products, the full range of the Australians Products will participate in this promotion.

New Year's promotion, what is the surprise of Auxos to give back to customers? To this end, the reporter visited Li Dejun, director of the sales management department of Aux. Mr. Li said that the biggest difference between the promotion activities of Auxos this year and the past is twofold: First, in terms of channel communication, under the premise of full communication between the company and the channel, the company headquarters will provide some financial, material and human resources, and will vow to add The promotion is strong; secondly, in terms of distribution, the company headquarters proposes the program and terminal to promote the combined materials, and requires each distributor to carry out terminal promotion activities with the headquarters.

It is understood that all promotional policies are issued directly by the Aussie headquarters to the distributors. In order to cooperate with the promotion activities, a strict system has been established for the business team, such as: checking the post every morning, reporting the progress of the day on the short message, monitoring the GPS data, and performing the online meeting every ten days. The internal salesperson also has corresponding measures to ensure the implementation. Execution, such as frequent reading, daily morning meeting, grading evaluation, etc. Judging from the current promotion progress, the national cooperative merchants together with the headquarters have achieved the first stage of the sprint goal, and believe that there will be better performance in the latter stage.

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