Mitsubishi Chemical's 400 million yen share in Nakamura Yuji plans to commission its OEM LED phosphor next year

Japanese media reported on December 15 that in response to the strong demand from LED lighting manufacturers, Mitsubishi Chemical plans to commission a Chinese manufacturer to produce LED phosphors (adjustable LED color materials) in 2013 to The supply of powder has increased to twice the current level.

According to the report, Mitsubishi Chemical plans to produce red phosphors on the mainland. Mitsubishi has invested 400 million yen to acquire about 30% of the shares of "Beijing Nakamura Yuji". After the technology of phosphor production is transferred, it will be commissioned. "Beijing Nakamura Yuji" manufactures phosphors. According to reports, Mitsubishi Chemical holds a red phosphor with a global market share of 5-8 percent.

The Nikkei reported recently that Mitsubishi Chemical plans to invest 3 billion to 4 billion yen to expand the phosphor powder of the Odawara Plant before the end of 2015, and the annual production capacity has increased from the current 6 tons to 40 tons.

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