The refrigerator is not a safe for refrigerating food. Do not exceed four days.

Many people are accustomed to concentrating on purchasing food for a whole week on weekends, and many foods will continue to be eaten next week. This is actually unhealthy. Although the refrigerator can maintain a relatively low temperature and create conditions for food insurance, some bacteria are cold, and at this temperature, they can grow rapidly.

Fip Lights

Micro LED light with built-in programmed and functional IC clip inside of each LED.Each light is color changing at the same time. Colors are fuller and purer than regular RB colors.The LED light can be made to diffferent design,such as tube light,3D Acrylic Lights,bulb String Lights,string lights,christmas tree,and so on.We also have the patent of the LED bulb and it is the new technology in bulb area.Daily & festival light for indoor & outdoor decoration.  Operating by low voltage for safety and convenient use.

Fip Lights

Fip Lights,LED Mini Fm Radio,PVC Reducing Bushing,Endorsed Polyurethane LED Light

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